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Moon Money


4 Ways to Use Moon Energy to Skyrocket Your Life’s Work I grew up in a climate and a culture on the Canadian ‘wide open’ where every day was the same, “holidays” notwithstanding. Whether it was +30 or -30 degrees C, come Hell, come high water (and we flood on the prairies!), it was business […]

Is Your Work Killing You?

Is your work killing you?

The other day I had a revelation about seed planting and how it relates to the way we take on our life’s work. A seed has to go down first, get totally covered and remain in the dark. And if it sends a shoot up into the light without creating a system of roots first, […]

Sacred Money Sacred Life

Sacred Money Sacred Life

4 Things Femme-Preneurs Need to Do Every Day in Order to Have a Spiritual Experience in their Love-Based Business At the age of 29 I rejected business because I wasn’t having a spiritual experience. Or should I say, it rejected me. Born and raised in a family business, being dubbed VP by the age of […]

3 Ways to Make Love with Money


There are 3 ways to express clearly through the energies of money and sexuality that will create an explosion of creative and manifesting power. In this article I’m going to show you how the energy of money and sexuality are practically identical, and how following 3 simple guidelines for expressing authentically about your personal power in the […]

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