Are You a Natural Born Teacher?

Read on to discover how you can gain access to this COMPLIMENTARY e-course training that reveals simple secrets for how you can teach your way to the top of your field!

Is this you…….

  • You don’t have time to write the book that is inside you, create e-courses or serve the rest of the people on your waiting list.
  • You know in your heart that you are a natural born teacher, but you are scared to step into the role (nervous about public speaking and afraid you don’t know enough).
  • Your mostly confident in your work, but dissatisfied that your message hasn’t yet attained the level of wide spread recognition it needs to get into the hands of the people who need it the most.
  • You feel like what you do is your industry’s best kept secret (you know you are one of the best in your field, but not enough people know about you to learn from your unique perspective).
  • You want to devote more time and energy to teaching, but you haven’t yet figured out a way to monetize it (you are not sure how to turn what you teach into the sole focus of your life’s work – you want to teach more and consult less).

In this FREE 4 Part e-course you will discover how to elevate yourself and your work to expert status, so that you can reach more people, stop trading your time for money (work smarter, not harder) – without sacrificing the integrity or depth of what you offer!

When you position yourself as an expert, not only are you able to charge more for your service, work with less private clients and more people globally, but ultimately expand your income way outside the realm of trading time for dollars – with lots more time left over to create!

Best of all when you elevate your service, you get to go deeper with clients who are more committed and determined to get the best results with your work.

When you register for the Natural Born Teacher COMPLIMENTARY e-course, here’s what you’ll get…….

PART 1: Natural Born Teacher AUDIO Trainingholly-mindrup-73446-apples1

Here’s what you will learn on the upcoming training call…
  • Why You Should Decide to Become an Expert in Your Field
  • How to release the need for someone else to appoint you as an expert.
  • How to let go of being attracted to fame or having an aversion to it (and how both can hold you back from attaining expert status).
  • How to claim your expertise without feeling or being seen as an ego maniac!
  • How to step into expert status without faking it until you make it.

Plus you’ll get immediate access to our e-booklet: 7 Ways to Become an Expert in Your Field (Without Having to Fake it Until You Make It)!

PART 2: ‘Business Bitch to Business Babe’ VIDEO Training

Do you ever get to the end of a day of working with clients and have a sinking feeling like all the good has been drained right out of you? Like your business owns you (you’ve become your business’s bitch?!) Maybe you even end up doubting your own ability, or questioning if how you do what you do, is really how you should do it? Learn why a time-for-dollars model in your business is the road to hell….how it’s a drain of time, money, energy, credibility and freedom.  And not just for you either, in fact you’ll also learn why it’s even a drain to your clients, in ways you may not realize.

PART 3: ‘Sexy Signature System’ VIDEO Training

Are you tired of working willy nilly with your clients? In this video, we are going to show you why creating your own expert signature system is not only good for your confidence, but creates assurance and safety for your clients – while making your marketing simpler and a whole lot less effort! You’ll also learn how having a sexy signature system keeps you organized, makes your service easier to sell and a whole lot more fun to deliver! When you create a signature system, you get to evolve, learn and grow with i, so you never feel tied down or stale in your work!  You’ll learn how having a signature system can change your business from feeling ‘sepia’ to full colour sexy!

PART 4: ‘We’ll Show You Ours’ VIDEO Training

We are going to show you an example of how we’ve packaged up our own signature system – to help you conceptualize how you can create one for your business too! You’ll learn how to think to put together a program that solves the problems that typically come up for your clients, before they even know they have them! It’s all about packaging your signature system up into a package or program that makes it easier for your client to make progress. You’ll see how we add value to our programs not just by providing knowledge, but by providing tools,materials, support and community to empower our women to get results!

boho laptopThis is perfect for you if….
  • You are feeling burned-out from serving clients by the hour.
  • You want to spend more time teaching, writing and travelling, rather than stuck inside your office, glued to the computer or at the beck and call of your phone.
  • You are a multi passionate woman who wants to incorporate more of what you love into what you do.
  • You want to use your unique approach and message as a catalyst to stand out!
  • You are tired of not having the time in your sessions to get to the level of depth your clients require for deep transformation.
  • You want to make more money in less time, so that you have more time to create!

Who we are….

We are Beth Martens and Sherry Rothwell. Like you, we are multi-passionate teachers! We speak, write and coach with expert status in our own communities. We love being able to spend more time being creative in our business which enables us to serve our clients at a higher level, in less time. We can’t wait to show you how to create a transformational service that you can charge premium fees for – without selling out your soul.

Ready to get started on your path to expert status?

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