Before you go & waste your money on another business product, service or training….

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I have personally invested well over $50,000 in internet marketing training, conferences, e-courses and group coaching. Nice chunk of change huh?! The people closest to me….many people in my family, acquaintances and possibly even close friends would have ‘shaked their heads’ at me in bewilderment (or disbelief)…..while certain people in my family and extended family would […]

Why the why keeps you going in the face of obstacles

Do you have a strong ‘why’ that keeps you going in your business inspired, engaged and committed, even when the going gets tough? If not, you need one (or you need to change your business). What is the point of having a business if you are not loving what you do or making a living […]

What if they criticize you?

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Want help getting past the fear of putting yourself on the line for your vision, mission and message? You’ll need it. Because let’s face it, as humans we have a strong aversion to facing disapproval (from anyone). The fear of people not liking us (or worse being outright attacked), can stop us from even writing […]

Are you a certification junky?


Do you ever find yourself saying (or thinking).. “When I get (insert name of certification), then I’ll ‘know enough’, ‘be credible’ or finally ‘feel ready’ to (insert not traditionally validated career path).” Are you waiting to get certified (or more certifications) before you start helping people with your healing arts or coaching business, but find […]

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