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We are Beth Martens and Sherry Rothwell…and together we are Femme-Preneur Love…… because we LOVE to walk our women down the path of being successful in business in a feminine way by mixing business with pleasure!

We help multi-passionate femme-preneurs transcend their creative ADD, get organized and systematized so that they can deliver a luxuriously unforgettable service – one that is not only financially prosperous, but energetically sustainable too.

Our femme-mentoring process shows you step-by-step how to finally have the freedom that being in business promises….freedom to be yourself, do what you love and enjoy life’s luxuries – big and small.

The Femme-Preneur Love business mentoring and marketing training is built on unique feminine principles that are specifically designed to work for women.

You can rely on us to help you mix business with pleasure while you grow your business – including – mentorship, sisterhood, vacation and self care built right into the path – because we believe you shouldn’t have to feel overwhelmed or burnt out, to take yourself and your business to the next level!

With more than 35 years of combined rule-breaking business experience and working with empowered service-based femme-preneurs from around the globe, we lovingly guide you to stop marketing like a man and fully embrace the beauty and value of your feminine super-powers!


Our vision is to be a stand for women transforming the culture through conscious business endeavors.


Our mission is to illuminate a new path forward in business that serves the highest interests of women entrepreneurs, their families and their clients at the same time.

About Sherry Rothwell

Sherry 1Sherry Rothwell is a start up business strategista and registered holistic nutritionist who helps women birth their dream business by showing them how to design, market and fill high-touch packages and prosperous programs that are as fun to live- as they are to give!

Sherry is known for helping her clients to manage their energy, stay in flow and drop the stuff that drains. She does that through her ‘slow marketing ‘ approach- one that considers the ‘long view’ and honours your natural feminine rhythm in tune with the moon.

Sherry`s work has been featured in The Winnipeg Free Press, Women In Business Magazine, Divina Magazine, Natural News and Tierra Soul to name a few.

When she’s not inspiring you with her writing, speaking or mentoring, she can be found making magic in the kitchen, writing at a coffee shop, hiking with her family or reading a book with one of her 4 cats in her lap.

How she came to the work….

In the process of having created numerous profitable online programs as a nutritionist, Sherry discovered a passion for marketing, soulful copywriting and business strategizing.

With a strong intention to follow her bliss, Sherry took the leap and shifted from nutrition consulting into business coaching –a passion she says she kept in the closet because it felt so foreign to her alternative hippy, health nut, free birthing mama identity and self image.

Today Sherry makes a generous living doing what she loves working pleasurably, passionately and part time- and she loves to show you how you can too!

Sherry especially loves to work with rebels `with a cause`, namely coaches, artists, birth workers, holistic nutritionists, healers and other women who want to spend more time doing their art (or healing art)- and less time figuring out the whole business and marketing thing.

You can learn more about working privately with Sherry @


About Beth Martens

burnsandblack-couchBeth Martens – Voice-Liberating, Archetype and Business Coach, Rebel-Lover Mantra Singer, Corporate Hangover Survivor and Mom of a Young Fire Starter

Beth tells the naked truth to help women entrepreneurs and creatives get past their marketing ‘butterflies;’ so they can fearlessly express their authentic voice to their ideal network and build empowered communities.

Beth opens the door for change agents to take their lifework to the next level by helping them communicate their value (online and off) for more impact and income.

Her transformational archetype readings reveal how women can connect and market with an authentic voice, make money sacred and breathe the life into their dreams.

How she came to the work
Beth is no stranger to risking it all to do what you love. In fact, it was a rock bottom three-year whirl-wind with cancer (her corporate hangover) that acted as the catalyst to call her out of the corporate marketing world. She not only came out alive, but thriving — through the same archetype systems she uses to help clients today.

By ultimately facing the end of her life, Beth mastered the art of having an authentic voice, telling the truth and putting herself out there in service to women – imperfections and all.

She walked the road, so that you don’t have to and it is her honour to help women move through and beyond their fears of being authentic in expressing through their life purpose AND being properly valued for it.

After 30 years of family and personal business, marketing and communication experience; eight journeys to India to study yoga, meditation, mantras and kirtan singing; surviving a corporate life-induced cancer; releasing four of her own original CD’s; and raising a young son Beth loves to help women get their voice out in their business and online presence, so that they can be fully self-expressed, valued for living their creative vision, have more impact and more income.

You can learn more about working privately with Beth @


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