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Ready to Capitalize on Your Creative A.D.D.?

What would change about how you do business if you could combine all of yourself into an integrated personality brand- instead of feeling like you have to choose between your passions?

You are a super motivated woman. You want to be, do and have it all, but sometimes that makes you spin in so many directions that you are not sure which way is up anymore! It is starting to feel like your business has ‘multi passionate personality disorder’ causing you to feel unclear, out of alignment and unable to articulate what you do. You are tired of feeling fragmented and disorganized, and you are ready to step powerfully into doing business in YOUR own integrated way. You are ready to bring all your gifts, skills and passions under one roof that is oh so YOU, but you are just not sure how to do that…. or where to get started.

You’re our kind of gal if..

  • You are ready to get clear and share your uncensored truth, art and beauty in the world.
  • You are committed to having the freedom business and lifestyle based brand that you’ve been craving.
  • Your business makes a difference in the world, gives people a pleasurably luxurious experience and makes the world a more beautiful place!

We are multi passionates too….

FB-ad-pic5We are Sherry Rothwell and Beth Martens.

Femme-Preneur Love is the culmination of all of our passions pulled together incorporating our love of business, food, music, yoga, travel, sensuality, spirituality and femininity!

We’ll show you, how you too can capitalize on your creative ADD and ditch the corporate and masculine ‘business as usual’ rules  - and instead create a uniquely feminine ‘outside the box’ business – and finally do business YOUR way !

How we can help you create a personality brand you love..

  • discover your brand archetype and use it to position your work to attract ideal clients who are committed and can’t wait to work with you
  • create unique service based packages that allow you to live your dream life everyday (no more trading your time for dollars)
  • simplify your business with our feminine based systems (so that you can love working both IN and ON your business and ditch that draining ‘busy work’!)

You’ll fit right in around here, if you are…

  • a rebel -femme (with a cause), love getting momentum (and espresso) and you are ready to ‘get shit done’
  • happy to embrace life’s luxuries big and small – you especially love sensual pleasures, travel and adventure
  • you are an early adopter… you love to pioneer change and you are not afraid to push the envelope

Explore how we can work together or book a VIRTUAL coffee date to speak with us about how we can put our heads, hearts and hands to work in your business with you!

Copyright ©2014 Femme Preneur Love, by Beth Martens & Sherry Rothwell
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