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Why the why keeps you going in the face of obstacles

Do you have a strong ‘why’ that keeps you going in your business inspired, engaged and committed, even when the going gets tough?

If not, you need one (or you need to change your business).

boho laptopWhat is the point of having a business if you are not loving what you do or making a living doing what you love?

That would be more like a nightmare job.

Let’s face it, when you run your own business, you don’t clock out at 4pm and leave your work at work.

It stays with you every waking minute.

That’s why you should only go into a business that is based around your passions.

It’s the only way a business can actually afford you the freedom that being an entrepreneur promises – yet rarely delivers (because people design their business based on what they ‘think’ should make them money and be marketable).

Doing what you think you should or what logically seems like it could work, will not be compelling enough for you when the going gets tough in your business – which it inevitably will at some point.

That’s the point when the people who don’t have the passion give up.

Why DID you start your business?

What do you tell yourself to keep going in spite of obstacles?

If you haven’t started your business yet, you can save yourself a lot of time, money and energy getting clear on your ‘why’ before you start.

Without a strong ‘why’, don’t even bother.

Save yourself the heartache.

You should LOVE and care soooooooooo much about your message, your topic, your teachings and the people you serve, that you would NEVER dream of giving up – no matter what.

If you have that kind of dedication, your business’s success is inevitable.

If that’s you, we want YOU in our world!

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If you are not sure what you could do that would naturally call you to feel a strong passion, you should join us too!

Sometimes you just need a new paradigm with with to think about it.

We’ll show you how to create your business in an outside the box way, so that it fits your soul!

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Sherry Rothwell

Sherry Rothwell

Sherry Rothwell, RHN is super passionate about holistic nutrition, bohemian business and mindset mastery. Learn more at

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