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It was a beautiful sunny afternoon in Arizona over delicious food in a garden designed by the famous alternative doctor, Andrew Weil.

It was where we sat with wine in our hands and tears in our eyes.

We had just downloaded our ‘why’….the vision and the mission of our hearts calling to serve women in business.

Did we ever tell you about how Femme-Preneur was born?

It was definitely born out of love and a desire to serve.

Birthed with the intention to pick up the rocks in your road, so that you don’t have to ‘trip’ the way we did.

But before we share more, let’s take a little trip back in time.

As mothers, we really struggled in our start ups, with mother guilt (for being so driven) to feeling unsupported, overtaxed and overwhelmed.

We were both mothers of young children.

andrew-branch-139678We had so much to give in the world, yet we were struggling – feeling torn between our ideals as mothers and feeling overextended trying to fit it all in – working from home in between changing diapers, camping out in the kitchen and trying to make ends meet!

It wasn’t as fun or as pleasurable as it could have been had we had more support and community.

We saw it as so sad that mothers - who do so much invisible and often thankless work – women who hold the highest interests, intentions and the best ideas for how to create a better world –  seem to have the least say in the direction that society is headed.

We thought… sad it was that it is ACTUALLY corporations that have the most say – they market to us the lifestyle they want us to ‘buy’ into.

A shallow existence of consumerism and working for ‘the man’.

We were sure that there had to be a better way.

And that’s how Femme-Preneur was born.

Out of the realization that women and mothers can – by the same token (through business) – shape our world with conscious business endeavours that shift the culture.

And so we decided to put our heads, hearts and hands together to create a conscious business endeavour of our own – business training and support designed to support you as a woman and a mother.

You might be surprised to know that we see that one of our roles in your journey, is to act as a masculine force in your life (even though you might be partnered).

We know that many of you don’t have a strong masculine support in your life right now (just like we didn’t).

You too feel the burden of wearing so many hats in the world.

Right now you might be swinging back and forth from acting in the masculine (which feels forceful, draining and lacking pleasure), to simply not accomplishing anything or delivering real value in your business…… because you haven’t put the foundation in place.

You are floundering in the feminine waters of emotion.

We have been there.

We saw a need not only to help women do business in a feminine way (so that you get to flow, free up energy and experience deep pleasure), but also to help you integrate your masculine side by allowing it to shine in the places that it already does (like technology, running numbers, structure, foundations, having the courage to take risks etc.).

But at the same time, you are not interested in letting your masculine energy run the show, but rather you want that aspect of yourself to act ‘behind the scenes’, more like a stage hand.

You see, it’s your feminine energy that makes your business attractive.

And yet, you can’t let your feminine energy fully express itself if it isn’t also grounded down by the masculine.

Essentially the masculine helps you ground your vision and ideas down into tangible structures that protect and support you, so that you can be free to fly in your feminine through the service part of your business – without worrying about flying away into the ethers!

We know you don’t want to spend much time in your masculine archetype, but you still do have to do the work of building the container, the structure and the systems.

We know that’s where you struggle.

And that’s why we’ve built our programs to offer the perfect blend of masculine and feminine support.

Here’s a sneak peek of what it looks like……

Masculine (to get your business rooted on solid ground!) 

  • foundational systems
  • structures
  • accountability
  • hold the space for you
  • have your back

Along with a feminine dose of …

  • hand holding
  • connection
  • community
  • done for you materials
  • pleasure

All of what we offer is to make implementation so much easier - so that you can speed through the masculine ‘stuff’ without burning out – while having a great time in the process.

It’s all about your beauty, truth and art!

When you relate to your business the way we do, it becomes a canvas for your creations!

So tell us, what is your beauty, truth and art?

And most importantly, what is your ‘why’?

Comment below!

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Sherry Rothwell

Sherry Rothwell

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