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Take Back Your E-mail List

I have noticed an interesting phenomenon among would be entrepreneurs.

They begin to passionately design a program, product or service that they are super excited to birth into the world.

Sherry 1While lovingly creating their art or offer, the picture they hold in mind is their ‘thing’ in the hands of their future happy new clients.

Yet when it comes time to market that thing they do, they suddenly shift their focus to worrying about who thinks they are marketing too much or tooting their own horn.

Next thing you know, they start feeling shut down, stop sharing and start feeling that it is hopeless to get their work into the hands of the people who can use it the most.

And when that happens, it’s a sure sign that we are letting our need to avoid disapproval (caring more about what other people think of us), supersede our commitment to making a difference for the ones who want what we have to offer.

Which is exactly why I consider being in business a spiritual path- because it brings all of our insecurities to light.

While nobody likes to feel disapproved of, it is important not to take negative feedback personally. People often have a knee jerk response to marketing and they are a lot less mean in person than they are online. Take it with a grain of salt, consider the source and if it’s mean, ignore it.

Being an entrepreneur requires a strong back bone, that’s why the rebel femme’s soul is so perfectly designed to change the culture through conscious business endeavors.

To confidently birth your business and get your work infront of the right people, you must care more about your vision, mission or message and keep the people that you can help front and centre in your mind- than what the spectators (and sometimes even haters) think of you.

If one more e-mail blast has the potential to be the one that catches your perfect clients attention for something they need and want- would you be willing to chance the possibility of facing critism from a fair-weather subscriber who couldn’t care less anyway and was probably never going to be your client?

They answer should be a resounding yes!

During the launch of a program, product or service, there are always going to be ‘unsubscribes’ and comments like ‘too many e-mails’. But there will also be ‘thank-you’s for all the gifts you’ve lovingly created and shared, to give people a taste of your work.

And yet, it’s the negative feedback that tends to stick- and makes us shy to market and risk being shamed or ridiculed in the process.

Here is a perspective that I hope will help you take back ownership of your e-mail list…..

I like to think of my e-mail list and my social media accounts like rooms in my house.

I get to decide what happens and what doesn’t in there- and I sure as hell am not going to let people tell me how to decorate or arrange the furniture.

By the same token, I get to choose the content I deliver and decide how many e-mails, newsletters etc. are the right amount for the purpose of the different list segments I create. It’s my list. I own it.

Celebrate the ‘unsubscribes’. After all, when you share your authentic self and offer your gifts and creations into the world, you want them to land only in the inboxes of people who like and appreciate you -and your work.

When it comes to mindfully marketing, it’s time to stop imagining that you are bugging people.  You are not a corporation just in business to turn a profit. What you do actually helps people.

You didn’t add anyone to your list without their permission or point a gun at their head and make them ‘like’ your Facebook page or ‘friend’ you…. so why burden yourself with feeling in anyway responsible for their choice to stay or go.

There will always be rude people and people who feel like victims to their e-mail account, but the answer is really simple.

They are responsible adults capable of hitting ‘unsubscribe’.

And if they feel compelled to have a temper tantrum on their way out the door, bless them on their way! Thank your lucky stars they left and return your focus back to how you can best serve the ones that stay!

This article was originally published at Fierce Magazine Online

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Sherry Rothwell

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