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Sacred Money Sacred Life

Sacred Money Sacred Life

4 Things Femme-Preneurs Need to Do Every Day in Order to Have a Spiritual Experience in their Love-Based Business

At the age of 29 I rejected business because I wasn’t having a spiritual experience. Or should I say, it rejected me.

Sacred Money Sacred Life

Sacred Money Sacred Life

Born and raised in a family business, being dubbed VP by the age of 25, I had a distinctly not-spiritual experience of being in the self-employed life.

Sure, I enjoyed a certain kind of freedom financially, I had power, I had a house, a car and stuff and I got generous holiday time for adventures in India, but my experience was so far off what I considered to be my path, and I was so stressed out towing family and corporate lines, that to get out of it I nearly died of a systemic cancer.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was trying desperately to be a good girl, to shut up the troublemaker in me crazy fighting that got me into trouble as a child, adolescent and yes again as a young adult. In order to have an ‘easy’ path to get me to India every year, for almost 10 years I tried to be ‘good,’ to stuff my rebel tendencies under the rug.

And so in lieu of a spiritual, i.e., authentic life experience, I wanted to experience what it was like to have a nice and peaceful time, to walk into a room and leave everyone’s feathers all tidy and unruffled; and to have the approval of those I felt held the strings of my well being – society, family, badly chosen peers, romantic relationship and on. interestingly all that got me was into leading a split life. Despite my spiritual trips to India every year, I spent them recovering from my business life. And while I went full throttle in my business by day, my night life was jammed full delivering workshops, hosting gatherings, singing, performing, writing and recording my music. I was leading a diametrically double life, and marked by the lump on my throat, it had a very high cost.

If I could go back and do it all over again, I would have loved for someone to share with me that I could have it all. That I could make money, be successful and be doing what raised spiritual energy – for me, for my clients, and for the world at large. And that money wasn’t just a necessary evil, means to an end, but could be a reflection of my spirituality as well.

First let’s define a spiritual experience. It’s one where…

Energy is rising rather than falling. We all know what that feels – we are either being filled up or we are having it sucked out from inside of us.
There’s a sense of happiness that has no opposite. It can’t be given to you or taken, it is just you when you let go of all the excess.
You identify with and focus on possibilities rather than on limitations.

So, in order to have a spiritual experience in your work, there are four things you need to do on a daily basis:

10806888_10203817636896213_1983455155_nSee if what you’re doing is in alignment with your life’s purpose. How do you know if you are in alignment or not? It is because it is a source of energy, a source of joy and a source of inspiration. Even when it gets hard, you never consider not doing it, because you can’t quit your heart and soul no matter how hard you try…and I’ve tried! Why would you need to do this every day?

Because your ego doesn’t want you to align with your purpose, be successful and joyful. Every day you will forget who you truly are and what you came to earth to do. Sometimes even moment to moment you will need to check if something is either in support of your purpose, or be lucid that what you are doing is taking away from it. If it’s take-away it’s a finite process, you will run out. But if it’s add, it’s infinite.

Then see if how you’re doing your life’s work gives you freedom, life and joy. No matter how much you love what you’re doing, if you don’t do it in a way that gives you a positive, optimistic and spiritual experience then you may as well be working in corporate for soulless clients like I was.

The ‘what’ is important. But if you aren’t clear about the ‘how’ – your lifestyle, your timing, your place and space, the tastes, the sights, the smells – then it’s not going to actually feel spiritual for you.

Once you have the what and the how in place, then see if why you are doing what you are doing actually holds water. If we are super honest about the motivation behind why we as humans do what we do, we will very often (nearly always) find one of three motives going on – wanting of approval, wanting of safety or wanting of control.

If it’s one of these three, then the reason we are doing even the best and most aligned stuff and in the most aligned way possible, we will still feel an underlying misery, anxiety, insatiability or other negative experience. Why because if our business is sourced in want, we will come from lack, the fear of not having, and will not have mastered doing something for the sheer offering, i.e., love of it.

Once you have the what, the how and the why in place every day, there’s one more thing….the who that is going to be the gate keeper of a femme-preneur’s spiritual connection. Because if she is doing the right thing, the right way, for the right reasons, but with the wrong people – and it will surely fall flat.

To have a spiritual experience, we must keep holy company. Holy company means being with people who love us, who appreciate us, who want to raise us up, hold us in high esteem and who want us to succeed in every way.

A lot of our relationships in life are accidental, a matter of proximity and convenience – where we went to school, where we live, where we go to eat, where our kids do activities… But once you get into business, if you let your business relationships be created unconsciously, there will be a price to pay – in your state of mind, your finances and everything in between. Rarely do people consciously choose – their partners, their clients, their support team, their suppliers.

But we are not destined just to passively receive what come to us, like garbage collectors. Rather we can set out from the vision that God/dess have given us and find those that are a perfect fit, who inspire love in us and who are on a copacetic mission.

So if you’d like to be having a sacred experience with money in your business, there are some simple things you have to be consciously aware of: the ‘what,’ the ‘how,’ the ‘why,’ and the ‘who.’ Once you get those things in place and in order with who you genuinely are, what you love even on your worst day, then things will begin to take on enormous depth and meaning in your everyday business life.

Ready to have sacred money sacred life? Join with Beth or Sherry in a virtual coffee date to see how to do that right now.

~Article originally published in Fierce Magazine for the Rebel Femme

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