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A new kind of vision board

I like the idea of vision boards for goals and such but always found it limiting (and annoying) to have to find enough variety of old magazines to actually find the photos that represent my goals and dreams.

activity vision board completeThese days my focus is less about goals and more about savouring what I have now after spending most of my adult life in ‘striving’ mode. As I near forty (wow, it feels so weird to ‘say’ that), I have already achieved many of the dreams and goals that I once set for myself.

And that’s actually how I know for sure that the highs of ‘achieving’ something – is really fleeting at best.

The question I am living inside of now is, how can I still have goals without ‘striving’ and without feeling like what I want is somewhere in the far off distant future? What goals are worthy of taking up precious space in my life?

Better yet, how can I simply be happy with what I have – more? How can I enjoy THIS moment regardless of where I am, what’s on my plate or who approves or disapproves of what I do or don’t do?

What if there was nothing to achieve and nothing to buy, what would be on my vision board? 

A wise woman once told me (after I enquired about what motivates her relentless generosity), that she valued spending her money on making memories.

Wow, that really stuck for me. And it also encouraged me to take financial risks when I wavered to – simply for the sake of the experience. And why not? Life is for living. The only thing we have on our deathbed anyway is the moment – and our memories.

While I still like the idea of a vision board because I do believe it is essential to get clarity on our goals and dreams, I believe what serves me, my family and my community better is – having a vision for my life that is about creating experiences and making memories.

So that’s why this year I created an activity vision board. It’s full of the stuff that dreams are really made of – how we want to feel – and it is all in relationship to others.

Think about it. When you imagine achieving your goals, without other human beings somewhere in the equation, they would simply be a waste of time.

That’s likely why I have been drawn to be part of so many co co-creations.

Besides that, my sun sign is in Gemini, I just so happen to LOVE having someone to celebrate the joy of accomplishments with!

So this year, I created an activity vision board. It’s full of achievable goals for this vision board blank slateyear with my family – it means that we get to celebrate all year, not in 3 years, 5 years or ten years. It also means that at the end of next year, I am much more likely to be satisfied with how I have lived my year, at the daily, weekly and monthly level.

Another way it serves, is to appreciate and invest my dollars in the local economy and my time in the community. To give, receive, explore and savour the richness at my feet.

So this year I gathered all the local tourist pamphlets and guides  etc. and cut out pictures of all the activities that I desired to do, as well as ‘stuff’ my kids and hubby want to do as well.

As a side benefit, it’s a great way to save all that lovely graphic design from prematurely hitting the recycle bin!

Plus, every weekend I don’t have to consult my mind about what we can do as a family and waste precious time ‘humming and hawing’ about it. I simply consult my vision board and that means there is more spaciousness in my mind too!

So if you are inspired by this new spin on the vision board – my wish is that you create your own, so that you can love up your family even more – AND that it helps you prioritize your pleasure in THIS moment…. this day, this week and at the very latest this month!

You can love me back by posting a link back to YOUR creations in the comments!


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Sherry Rothwell

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