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Mothers helping mothers in business

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Do you ever use being a mother as an excuse for why you can’t live your dreams?

What if your dream business was a catalyst for coming together with other women to support one another in community?

kidsWe started out in our businesses by co-creating a live work and play culture that included meeting the needs of our young children while building our businesses and pursuing our dreams.

On a day-to-day basis that could look like anything from picking up each others kids from school, making dinner together, or one of us preparing the evening meal while the other furiously typed up our co-creations. We had play dates, work dates and fun dates!

Not only did we consciously collaborate and help each other, but we were both heavily and personally invested in each other’s success. There is nothing like having someone by your side who truly cares and understands what it takes to be successful and no greater pleasure than to celebrate both the joys and overcoming the challenges together.

Working side-by-side has enabled our young children to thrive with constant companionship and having their needs met in community. While many hands make for light work, two is all it requires to take a load off!

Connect with us below and share what it’s like for you to be a mama in business. Who do you support, who supports you? What do you need now?

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