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Moon Money

4 Ways to Use Moon Energy to Skyrocket Your Life’s Work

moon-money-blog.I grew up in a climate and a culture on the Canadian ‘wide open’ where every day was the same, “holidays” notwithstanding. Whether it was +30 or -30 degrees C, come Hell, come high water (and we flood on the prairies!), it was business as usual. I prayed for every day to be different. And I got what I wanted.

Because every day is different. It’s in it’s own unique flow that allows for some things to be easily born, and cautions which eggs to sit on little longer. It’s energy, and while we are not at its mercy *you’re it!* we can either work with it, or fight a futile fight against it.

Being a woman entrepreneur in a femme-preneur tradition poses a special opportunity to build the moon right into your not-so-conventional business plan. In fact it can guide you in every aspect of your life’s work, including the money part, to pinpoint the times that most favour success in each kind of activity you need to take on.

So the next time you feel like you’re fighting up hill, have tea with the moon (does she like espresso?) and let her speak with you about what she prefers at what time and how to tap most easily into moon money. Here’s a low-down on the opportunities that various times of the month create for us:

Full Moon

We have our highest energy at the full moon, and for this reason it may make us a little loony! But that craziness for a femme-preneur is like gold, it means the pot is stirred, all the elements are readily available and you can whip up a happy storm with the greatest ease of any time of the month.

This energy surge is great for getting things done in your business, powering through the to-do’s you may previously had resistance to and creating powerful momentum for the income and impact you’re wanting to create. This is also “see through” time, where we can download some of our biggest revelations about our self and our life’s work.

And finally, it’s time to celebrate! To look back on what you’ve created or accomplished over the past moon cycle and honour that, no matter how big or small it may be. This is not a great time for sleeping, so be aware of over-stimulating yourself, over-working, over-delivering and going on a moon-bender. Remember, those full moons come around every month. ;-)

Waning Moon

During the waning moon, that full moon “electricity” starts to soften and let up. There’s still plenty of energy available for cleaning up after the mess you may have created in the full moon time, finishing what you started and following through and doing what you said you were going to do.

A good time to pay bills and call in moneys owed, this is a time for clearing the way so when the new moon comes you are not buried underneath your money or other business clutter. Often for me the most productive time of the moon, this is an opportunity to be grounded and act like a grown up in your business. It’s easier and sexier to vision, create and celebrate than it is to clean up the mess, dot those “I’s” and cross those “t’s,” but you will see enormous benefits if you use the waning moon for this kind of disciplined action.

PS Discipline means disciple; the root of disciple is devotion; and the heart of devotion is love.

New Moon

Pull out your inner visionary, at this time you have a knack for seeing your big picture, and how your big picture fits in with the big picture! Don’t expect too much productivity of yourself right at the new moon. The energy drops remarkably and sends us into a natural state of day-dreaming. Ideally a woman menstruates at this time, lending itself to deep relaxation and energetically giving back what they earth has given you. It’s a perfect time for relaxation as well as peaking ones interest in clearing space for your new vision to take seed.

Where your money is concerned, it’s a great time to set new goals and envision exactly how you are going to meet those goals.

Waxing Moon

While the moon is waxing, this is an excellent time to cultivate and plant seeds where there is fertile soil . In your business that means connecting with new speaking opportunities, starting new client relationships, meeting over collaboration ideas and setting new income projects into motion, and scheduling a launch.

Sometimes the hardest time of my month, this is a time when anything new you have created has sprouted and lives on the edge in a precarious state of needing lots of tender care and attention to survive. Though I recommend this any time of the month, it’s an especially good time to have some kind of means for releasing any money or manifestation fears, and other strong emotions that may leave you in the mood to sabotage the “babies” you have created in your life’s work. Therefore, it’s the perfect time to cultivate the relationships that would support the life of your creations, being crystal clear communicating your vision and engaging community.

When the rubber meets the road for a full time femme-preneur who is driven by love and the changes she can make, any time of the month represents a special opportunity to get particular work done.

Inspiration rules at the end of the day. Whatever you are inspired to do is what you should do next to increase income in your business. Be ware of using the moon cycle to procrastinate on the risks you don’t want to take though. If you truly follow your inspiration though, you will likely find that it matches up with the moon-money that is favoured by this most powerful and easy-to-follow of natural cycles.

Sacred Money Sacred Life

Sacred Money Sacred Life

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