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Join our Femme-Preneur moon circle!

moon circle unbrandedWant to lovingly surround yourself with a sisterhood of women who are equally invested in your success? 

If you said YES! then you’ll LOVE our Femme-Preneur LOVE Moon Circle!

It is perfect for you if you want community inside the experience of growing your business.

Is this you?

  • searching for community and connection around the growth of your business?
  • want your business to be part of your spiritual path and practice?
  • want to sync your rythm with the moon cycles to increase your energy?

Here’s what you get when you join….

  • Access to the Femme-Preneur Love private Facebook group where you can connect with other like minded femme-preneurs for connection, feedback and support!
  • A place where you can network, co-create and share your creative work with women who care about your success!
  • Spotlight opportunities to have YOU and your transformation featured in the community (and in the Femme-Preneur Love quarterly love note!).

But that’s not all!

We believe that your business is a catalyst for your spiritual growth and that all the ‘shit’ it’s bringing up is coming up to be healed.


Feeling sometimes like you have lost touch with your original vision, mission and joy?

If your business is bringing up so much emotional baggage that you find yourself drowning in fear and doubt, then you will love what we have in store for you.

We’ll help you get back in touch with the part of you that knows how to live in the now, on purpose and with unshakable faith?

That’s why we’ve included….

  • a new moon VIRTUAL red tent to stay in touch with your spiritual vision & mission
  • time set aside to release what isn’t serving in your life and biz
  • moon cycle updates posted in our Facebook forum to remind you where we are in the moon’s cycle, so that you can make the most of your time by getting synced up with the moon’s supporting energies (make your business a guidepost for your self care, not an obstacle to it)!

Who we are…

JoyfulWe are Beth Martens (left) and Sherry Rothwell (right) and we can’t wait to show you how to grow your business in a feminine, luxurious and pleasurable way- incorporating self care, sacred space and sisterhood.

We are a stand for transforming the culture through conscious business endeavors that serve the highest interests of women entrepreneurs, their families and their clients at the same time.

What sets our work apart is that our business mentoring and marketing programs are built on feminine principles that specifically work for women.

Ready to join our circle? Simply enter your name and e-mail below to get started with us at no cost!


Copyright ©2014 Femme Preneur Love, by Beth Martens & Sherry Rothwell
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