What is the Difference Between Those Who Barely Make a Living In the Coaching, Consulting, Healing & Teaching Field…

And Those Who Have Full Freedom- Financially, Creatively & Time Wise?

Do you Wonder if it is Really Possible To Thrive in these Fields Financially without being a Famous name or brand?

You might be wondering, what is the Business Model Makeover program really all about and how can it help me?

The Business Model Makeover program shows coaches, consultants, healers, messenger and teachers how to transform their practice from willy nilly, play it by ear, and following the client’s lead to one that is systematized giving you structure, organization and clarity about what you offer and the confidence to sell it!

  • Without having to have a big list of email subscribers
  • Without having to do draining hours of coaching, consulting and healing sessions (aka: trading your time for money!)
  • Without spending more time selling, cold calling and trying to convince clients to come back
  • Without having to deliver your services inside the 9-5 business as usual box (right now you are working harder and longer than you did when you had a job!)
  • Without discounting your services, bartering or practically giving it all away.
  • Without feeling like you are starting from scratch with each client, disorganized and dreading your upcoming sessions – because you feel unprepared. 

Not enough time in the day to do the stuff that lights you up the most?

Do you sometimes struggle between wanting to give your clients more of your time, yet feel like you don’t have anything left for yourself?

What if you could re design how you deliver your service so that you can give more, without working 24/7?

Every Successful Femme-Preneur Relies on Creating Premium Packages to Create a High-End, High-Touch, High-Impact and High-Happiness Business

Biz Model Makeover Book CoverThe reason why is because when people need support to change, heal, get a goal etc. they require more than just 1 – off sessions. They need a carefully laid out plan that you can walk them through step-by-step. They also need your consistent presence to help them implement what you teach and for you to be at their side to hold them accountable – until they do what they need to do, to get the results.  

Since it is human nature to want to quit or give up the minute things get difficult – or when obstacles present themselves, you must be one step ahead of where you know your clients generally get challenged and have a solution in place for them. There are also multiple layers of things that need to be accounted for, to support your client to shift, stay on the path and not backtrack.

Additionally, you cannot serve at the level of an expert when you don’t have clients who are committed for the long haul. Neither you, nor they, get to see the full benefit of the work. In fact, when you are working with clients in 1 off sessions, you might even begin to wonder if your service or modality even really works that well – only because you never get the chance to work with clients who are ‘all in’ and ready to go the full distance with you. Sadly, that doesn’t just make it hard for you to get your clients results, but also it means that you don’t feel fully rewarded or fulfilled by the work. Not to mention, it hurts your confidence!

Finally, without a system, you need to constantly re invent the wheel with each client, you don’t have the focus or a platform to develop and improve on your work.

To truly step into the shoes of being an expert, you need to have a repeatable system that you and you clients can confidently depend on to get results. With out a system it is much more difficult to sell your services. You are stuck trading time for dollars, wasting time repeating your self, doing the same boring and repetitive tasks over and over.

You are wasting time and energy, while leaving money on the table!

What’s worse is that you are leaving a segment of your audience unserved. The ones that would be your best clients. Every tribe has a certain percentage of people who want to go deep and work much more intimately with you. 

High End + High Touch = High Impact (for your clients), High Happiness and High Freedom (for you!)

make up brushesFinally, if freedom is your goal – to have time, money and creative freedom – then you absolutely must make the switch from offering your services dollars for hour (at the going rate) to creating a unique signature system and instead charging based on results – and offering your services in packages that are designed to facilitate those results. It’s also the only way to avoid having to keep selling and convincing clients to keep coming back to finish your process.

In order to have the time to use your creativity to turn your signature system into multiple sources of passive income (and make money in your sleep!), you need to take less 1 on 1 clients, but serve those people at a higher level and higher price point.

Doing that is the secret key to making more money and actually serving more people in less time. You’ll be able to offer multiple ways to work with you, at multiple price points, so that the transformation you provide – your signature system – remains accessible as you can also deliver it in the form of information products.  Your one to one services on the other hand, become exclusive – only for those who want to go deep and all the way with you. 

With your expert signature system in place, you have the time freedom to run your business the way you want,  the creative space to design your dream packages and the financial freedom – because there is no cap on your potential to earn. You can now create offerings and launch new programs from a place of passion and service – not from a place of feeling desperate to get clients and pay the bills! 

Unfortunately, too many coaches, consultants and practitioners have no training in how to make their skills marketable or  their business model scalable. And so they go about building their businesses the only way they know how – the way they see others doing it….. Monday to Friday 9-5 and offering ’1 off’ sessions or low cost continuity packages.

makeover lipsIf that’s you right now, you might be feeling disappointed because….

  • You see seemingly less talented people than you having more success (you secretly feel that you could be where they are if only you had gotten in the game sooner).
  • You haven’t really launched anything yet, because you’re not sure that anyone would actually be willing to pay you
    money for your knowledge, your gifts, and your life experience.
  • You wish you were farther ahead than you are and disappointed at how long it is taking to get out of the starting gate.
  • You’re tired of being the world’s “best kept secret” – you know in your heart that you were born to contribute big in this lifetime (you are so tired of waiting and wondering when you are going to get your turn).
  • You are embarrassed because you’ve been certified for too long in your practice and you haven’t even had your “first client” yet!
  • The way you’ve been putting yourself ‘out there’ feels a little “woo-woo” and unclear – so you find your self kind of hesitant to talk about what you do.
  • You don’t know how to “package” or present all of your information, in a way that makes the most sense for your ideal client (in a way they truly ‘get’ and can’t wait to sign up to work with you!)
  • You’re tired of repeating yourself all day and only being able to work one-on-one with clients, because you don’t have anything else to offer.
  • You second guess yourself & think of quitting all the time.
  • You worry that your content won’t be ‘as good’ as the guru’s and that no one will see your program as valuable enough.
  • It feels like other people are thriving in work similar to yours, while you struggle to be noticed.
Without Putting Your Own Signature on What You Do, You Will Always be Promoting Some other Expert’s Philosophy and Approach

Wouldn’t it be amazing to turn what you teach into a more intimate service, so that you can go deeper with your clients than ever before and give them a totally transformative experience – WITHOUT spending more time?

photo 1Imagine waking up everyday able to create your own schedule and work with clients in the way you’ve always wanted (when you want, how you want and who you want)! It would be so amazing, wouldn’t it, to go to bed so excited that you can hardly wait to get back up in the morning to do the work you love. You have a ton of things inside your head that you just can’t wait to spend time creating!

The trouble is, you haven’t yet figured out how to make that happen yet.

You see that others seem to be able to do it, but you just can’t seem to find the time in your current schedule. Your growing roster of clients takes up all of your work time. You are absolutely grateful for that, but it also means that you don’t have the time to write that book inside of you or serve the people on your waiting list. Not only do you feel short on time, but at the end of the day, you are so exhausted from serving others, that you lose your motivation and never get to the ‘stuff’ that lights you up the most!

You want to devote more time and energy into teaching, but you haven’t yet figured out a way to monetize it (you are not sure how to turn what you know into a business, so that it can be the sole focus of your life’s work).

Is this you?

  • You are a multi-passionate woman who wants to incorporate more of what you love into what you do.
  • You want to use your unique approach and message as a catalyst to stand out!
  • You want to make more money in less time (be set up to offer high end services AND offer 1 to many for more income streams)
  • Have more time to be creative (write your book)!
  • You know you are destined to be one of the best in your field
  • You know in your heart that your work is meant to be global, so that you can help people all over the world (not to mention, from anywhere in the world)!
  • You want to be fully confident when you speak on your topics, and totally own your authority.
  • You want to be loved, admired, valued and sought after for your work to create more connection, freedom and opportunity in your life!

photo 2We too have been there…..

There was a time when we both offered our services by the hour and offered low cost workshops in the community. The running around, being available at a moment’s notice, free talks and lack of business know-how, kept us spinning around, taking care of all the urgent things that needed our attention – with no time left to do the important stuff.

We really had no idea that the way we were doing it was not only unsustainable, but that we were using the wrong business model if we wanted creative, time and financial freedom.

Unfortunately, the ‘business as usual’ model of working 9-5pm  in 1 hour sessions, just doesn’t work well at all for coaches, consultants or practitioners who want to go beyond ‘talk therapy’ or consulting, into a more intimate and rewarding experience. 1 off sessions are not a match for those that want to go deep with the knowledge they impart and aim to help clients much faster, at a significantly deeper level.

It also simply doesn’t work time or growth wise for you as the facilitator.

Having a full practice in the conventional sense, means there is no time for business development, creating new services, writing books, hosting deep dive retreats or taking time off to enjoy with loved ones.

boho laptopIt became our mission to find a business model that was a match for what we wanted to grow into.

Today we make way more money, in less time and have tons of time leftover to create new products and services. We serve less clients, while giving them more of our time, attention and energy – all wrapped in an experience that is designed to attain the results that they came to us for. Now we serve people all over the world, from wherever we feel inspired to be!

The best part is that we get to share what we’ve learned, so that you too can get out of the grind and experience the freedom that being an entrepreneur affords – when done right!

That’s why we’ve created this deep dive program. To help you re think and re create your business, so that it is a match for what you really want at the heart level – not what your head tells you it ‘should’ look like.

 Click here to join!

You’ll LOVE that we’ve included a virtual retreat where you get to have our help, along with a small intimate group of women, looking in on your business.

We’ll also be available to look into your business with you via Facebook Livestream Q & A’s, as well as being able to look at the material you are creating via a private Facebook forum.

Finally, you’ll get the instant feedback you need to confidently move forward on your ideas!

Here are just some of the past participants of the Business Model Makeover Program Sharing about THEIR Experience!

The Business Model Makeover includes….

  1. 9 Modules to get your signature system or program complete and ready to be sold 
  2. 2 hour VIRTUAL retreat with support and a ton of cheerleading! (Saturday May 20th from 2pm-4pm CST/noon-2pm PST – don’t worry if you can’t make it LIVE – we record the entire training)! 
  3. Business Model Makeover Playbooks!
  4. Done for you templates to make implementation a breeze!
  5. Recorded trainings that you can keep forever!
  6. Private Facebook group of lovelies just like you!
  7. Apply for a 30 min, 1 on 1 follow-up session to chat about what you need next!

We would LOVE to have you join us for this 90 day program where you will get clarity about your offer, create your very own outside-the-box business model, your unique branded signature system and a service you just can’t wait to sell! 

 Click here to join!

Here’s a sneak peek at what you are going to learn to help you create a high touch, high end and high freedom business that is in the highest interests of both you and your clients!

The Business Model Makeover program walks you step-by-step (with personalized attention) through everything you need to create, position and package a high-end Signature program.

 Module 1 – Creative Calling

Learn how to create an ‘outside the box’ business you LOVE!

Do you ever feel like maybe you aren’t on the right path with your business? Like maybe you are off track or doing the work for the wrong reasons? Or maybe you are sure that you are in the right business, but everything feels hard and you are starting to fall out of love with it! Has the ‘business side’ of your business totally sucked the joy out of it all? We totally hear you and we’ve been there. It’s time now not only to do what you LOVE, but love the way you do what you do too! Being an entrepreneur promises freedom and it is time now to take your life into your own hands and live your dream life. To help you do that you need to open your mind to many more possibilities and learn how to expand your mind to think in an unlimited way. In this Module, we’ll get you thinking outside the box!

Discover the benefits of learning how to create without unknowingly limiting yourself!

  • Lift the limits on what you believe is possible.
  • Put an end to doubt and know that you are on the right path.
  • Create a business that reflects your interests and passions.
  • Never feel like you have to sacrifice your kids, your health or your leisure to run a successful business!
  • Get total clarity on your business’ ‘sweet spot’ – where the whole of you comes together with what your clients want and need.
  • Stay committed to your business, even when the going gets tough.

Plus you get the following done for you templates to make implementation a breeze!

  • Expand Your Vision Exercise – this exercise is designed to open your mind! You can have your business anyway you want it by expanding your vision of what is possible!
  • Create Your Dream Business Worksheet – create (or recreate your business model) so that it is a match to your flow and how you want to spend your time (who says you can’t mix business with pleasure?)!

Module 2 – Grow with Goals

Set yourself up for success with a new, yet ancient approach to goal setting!

Without concrete goals, how will your dreams manifest? Without clarity, it is nearly impossible to manifest at a speed that keeps you focused on what you want (instead of what you don’t). That’s because we are internally wired for trouble-shooting instead of shooting for the stars! The Magic of Goals training will give you the positive focus you require to gain the time, energy and money freedom that being in business promises – but rarely delivers without goal-setting in the right way!

Here are the benefits of learning the secret key to goal setting!

  • Create your goals from the right place.
  • Let go of what is in the way.
  • Learn why reaching your business goals has been slow and difficult in the past.
  • Discover the most effective way to form a goal so the Universe can work with you on it!
  • Adopt a simple practice that will allow you to find out what’s most important to you about your goals and to achieve them in lightening speed.

Plus you get the following done for you templates to make implementation a breeze!

  • Magic Goal Chart – a handy and easy-to-use goal chart you can use for your business and personal goals alike – so you have a system to tie it all together and reach them WAY faster.
  • Magic Goal Calendar “When it Happens” – this calendar will make sure that you don’t leave your life to chance and plan your future with clarity
  • “What You Want” – so you can list what you are wanting to achieve and compare it with your life purpose.
  • “Keeping Track of Your Goals” – a great place to store your most important goals so you can work on them regularly with ease.

Module 3 – Nirvana Niche

Let’s find the perfect client who wants what YOU have to offer!

Omigosh, are you tired yet of the whole niche conversation?! Hoping to avoid it altogether and simply move forward wild and free? Hold your horses lady love, don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. You don’t have to marry your niche, choosing a niche is just like the dating scene. Sometimes you have to go on more than a few dates before you find the right one! In this training, we’ll help you find that special someone, so that you can design the perfect program that marriages what you love with the people who want it the most!

Here are the benefits of learning how to get clear on your niche!

  • Allows every little bit of your business – your marketing message, vision and mission – to fall into place.
  • Crystallizes your focus to attract and keep more ideal clients!
  • Allows you to market less, fill your programs, workshops and products quicker and easier by speaking directly your ideal clients’ desires, pleasures and needs.
  • Attract the kind of kind of clients you love, and love to be with, while being your easy, authentic Self in your business – not some conjured up, cold and so-called ‘professional’ version of you!
  • Allows you to effortlessly write web copy that converts – your ideal client will feel like you are speaking directly to them!
  • Means you can customize your signature system and program so that they are a perfect fit for your niche, giving them the results and the experience that they are looking for.
  • Increases your expert status and hones your skills by focussing on one kind of a person and being clear on how to help them overcome their specific obstacles.
  • Attracts clients in line with your ultimate vision so that you enjoy not only the work you do, but the people you do it for.
  • Gives you clarity about what you offer, who it is for and how it helps them.

Plus you get the following done for you templates to make implementation a breeze!

  • Tangible + Tribe Template – we’ll give you 4 magic questions that will make your program platform profitable!
  • Nirvana Niche Formula – we’ve got the equation that makes niching easy as 1… 2… 3!
  • How to Share What You Do – our 4 phase elevator talk template can be re-purposed for your business cards, e-mail tagline and answering machine message too!
  • 62 Proven-to-Be Profitable Niches – the perfect cheat sheet for when you just need more ideas!
  • Hot or Not Formula Video – we’ll walk you through the questions you need to ask yourself to know whether your niche is hot (or not)!

Module 4 – Sexy Signature System

Create a results based service or program that you are proud to offer and confident to sell!

How would it feel if you could bring all of yourself to your work, rather than fragmenting yourself into the pieces you think are marketable (and rejecting those you think are not)? Amazing right!? By creating a signature system you will elevate yourself to a whole new status and position yourself as an expert – without losing yourself in the proces. Eliminate the thought of competition entirely by creating a process, system or curriculum that is uniquely yours! Having a signature system raises the standard and quality of your work so that you can go deeper than you dreamed possible with your clients and get them better results than ever before!

Here is how having a signature system benefits your business…..

  • You’ll have a sequential path to that you can be certain will get your clients results.
  • Creating a signature system will leverage your time. There is no need to lose energy reinventing the wheel each time or having to say the same things over and over again!
  • Instead you can create DFY (done for you) materials and processes once, and then use them over and over again.
  • You won’t have to start from scratch each time you work with a brand new client (or submit a new proposal to potential clients).
  • You’ll feel so clear about what you offer – the outcome, results and benefits – makes what you offer go from hard to explain – and intangible to tangible.
  • Helps you avoid that stomach-churning ‘what the hell should I be doing here’ worry. You always know what you’re going to do next with your clients session by session!
  • A system “clones” you. Leverages YOU by allowing you to reach a lot more people through group programs, e-courses and e-books!
  • Repurpose you work as an e-course, so that you can make money in your sleep (leads to other streams such as a signature line of products, training programs, memberships, and your signature talk).
  • Say goodbye to overwhelm and over delivering energetically – yet overdeliver in effectiveness and results – almost effortlessly because you’ve already done most of the work!
  • You have laid the groundwork for a beautiful program – that you can continue to develop and improve – all the way to expert status!

Here is why having a signature system is easier to market…..

  • A signature system does the selling for you!
  • Because you wrap your signature system up in packages, you only have to sell your client once!
  • Positions you as an expert in your field, and helps establish you as a leader and innovator – people want to invest in the best!
  • Infuses structure, organization and clarity to what you offer along with the confidence to sell it.
  • People are more likely to purchase a step-by-step system.
  • Helps clients quickly understand how you can help them – the confused mind on the other hand always says ‘no’ – the system helps you better articulate what you do and make intangible services feel ‘hold in your hand’ tangible!

Here is why having a signature system is WAY more ATTRACTIVE to your clients!

  • Be prepared to solve your clients’ challenges before they even know they have them.
  • Gives your clients the assurance they need to invest in working with you because of your step-by-step approach.
  • Your signature system will help you create tools that support your client (think templates, checklists, and worksheets). You can showcase these items as value added BONUSES in your program!
  • It makes it much easier to talk about what you do, so that clients easily understand. If you sell a service that is somewhat intangible, like coaching, it makes it so much easier to explain what you do and what results your clients will achieve.
  • Improves the professionalism and organization of how you deliver your program.
  • Your signature system shows that you have specialized and your knowledge has the level of depth that translates into wisdom. Not only does this ensure that your client develops trust and confidence in you to lead them toward the goal, but it also allows you to be able to hold space for them to relax into the transformation.
  • People love to be handed a plan – something step-by-step they can follow and implement easily.
  • People like things quick, simple and easy – without the guesswork.
  • It clearly outlines what to do first, second, and so on, so your client never has to wonder what they should be doing next or working toward.
  • Your signature system gives people relief knowing that you’ve done the hard work for them, so they don’t have to.
  • Everyone loves a “done for you” or “done with you” approach. We all need a hand hold sometimes!
  • Clients feel more assured that by following your step-by-system that they can get results similar to your other clients (there’s comfort in knowing that what they are paying for has worked for other people).
  • Shortens the length of time it takes to achieve something because you stay on track with the plan.

Here is why having a signature system is WAY more FUN for you!

  • The reason having a system is more fun for you is because it is like being an artist with a living, breathing sculpture that is yours to create and recreate according to your expanding vision.
  • Everytime you work your system with your clients to solve the problem they need solved, you get ‘feel it in your bones’ informed at a visceral level about what works and what doesn’t for different types of people.
  • That naturally leads to refining, rearranging, redeveloping so you can make it better and better, i.e., easier to use, more effective at leading to results. As a creative person, you are going to LOVE doing that!
  • It’s all yours! For the rebels out there who won’t easily fit in someone else’s box it give you all the decision-making power. You never again have to ask someone’s permission to create in your vision. And you never have to apologize for being in a constant state of growing and evolving how your knowledge gets out to the world.

Plus you get the following done for you templates to make implementation a breeze!

  • You’ll love our downloadable 40 page workbook to help you create the core curriculum of your Signature System (so you know exactly what you need to include to deliver your promised outcome).
  • The Signature System workbook is chock full of our proprietary exercises that will pull the YOUR system right out of you and onto paper, so that you can package your system up into a beautiful workbook or binder your clients will love!!
  • Best of all you can print the e-booklet and use it again and again for any future programs or services you want to dream up and design step – by – step!

Module 5 – Mindset Mastery

Here is why having the right mindset will support you to share your system and be unabashedly excited to start ‘shouting out about it from the rooftops!”

At the end of the day, it’s not what you know how to do – it’s what you actually do with what you know!! By working on the mindset side of your business, you’ll get miles ahead faster and be able to EASILY and matter-of-factly implement what you learn. And you’ll be able to sell what you’ve designed without getting stopped by fear, doubt or perfection paralysis!. Save yourself a tonne of energy by eliminating the resistance and elevating your thinking to a whole new level of having the courage to act!

Here is how having the right mindset helps you leap forward in your business…

  • Let go of the need to be perfect, so that you can do what needs to be done in your business with joy and passion – without having to feel like a victim to your internal critic in the process.
  • Open to channelling the LOVE in your business, instead dragging around fear and procrastination like a ball and chain!
  • Stop letting the fear of criticism and not being perfect, keep you from taking the action that needs to be taken to have the life and business you dream of!
  • Stop comparing yourself with other people in your field and despairing about how your business doesn’t look as polished and professional as theirs does.
  • Move through the fear of rejection and ridicule and just do the stuff that needs to be done with confidence.
  • Trust that you know enough.
  • Know how to get down to work from a place of inspiration and get shit done!

Plus you get the following done-for-you templates to make implementation a breeze!

  • Internal Approval Compass – 4 insights to help you navigate your way back to internally generated approval when you feel off track, second guess yourself or feel lost.
  • Self Love List – empowering questions for giving yourself approval and reminding yourself how amazing and capable you are.
  • Release Wanting Approval Meditation – learn how drop the emotion of wanting approval.
  • Overcome Overwhelm – 5 step process to getting and staying out of overwhelm and moving into inspired and productive action.

Module 6 – Value Verified

Let’s add value to your program, take it over the top and wow your clients!

Tired of being tongue-tied when it comes to quoting and getting behind your pricing? Get past any niggling doubts you have that what you offer is worth the investment for your client. You’ll love being in touch with the depth of how you impact the life of your clients, so that you never feel guilty about charging for your services. Learn how to add more value to your programs and services without it taking a ton of extra time or money! And discover what makes your service unique and highlight it in your marketing.

Here is how we’ll help you add value to your program and and yourself…

  • Reveal the cost to your client of staying stuck and not doing the work with you.
  • Learn how to add value to your program without spending more time.
  • Discover what to add to your program that exponentially increases your clients’ results.
  • Emotionally feel at ease in your sales conversations.
  • Feel confident in your the value of your service and know that’s it’s worth the money/investment.
  • Ground yourself in the value of you and what you offer!

Plus you get the following done for you templates to make implementation a breeze!

  • Circle of Value Exercise – uncover the benefits of working with you and the costs to your client of not getting the transformation you provide.
  • Your USP Template –  Know what sets you apart! Discover what makes your service unique and highlight it in your marketing.
  • BONUS Cheat sheet – ideas for free or low cost ways to add value to your program.

Module 7 – Prosperity Pyramid

You’ll love getting a clear visual picture of your current business and exactly what to do next to grow into your bigger vision!

Get big-picture clarity while using this non-traditional business planner that grows and changes with you! Have a visual picture of your offerings in mind and by your side to help you choose the right package to offer potential clients on your upcoming sales calls. Be ready with both ‘up-sells’ and ‘down-sells’, while having different packages to serve people at different levels of engagement, time and financial commitments.

Here is how we’ll help you build prosperity…

  • People can grow with your work, go from one package to the next and remain continuous as a client.
  • Add new income streams – with minimal effort!
  • Learn how to create a visual picture of your business and what you offer, so that you can keep your head straight about it!
  • Easily adapt your business as it evolves.
  • Never again have to start with a blank slate when you’re in biz development mode.

Plus you get the following done for you templates to make implementation a breeze!

  • Prosperity Pyramid Template – create a visual representation of your business model and plan and keeps your offers organized as you continue to expand your services.
  • Idea Generator – get access to our 21 income stream ideas to take your prosperity potential through the roof!

Module 8 – Prosperous Packages

Stop trading your time for dollars, feeling stressed, exhausted and resentful – to passionately packaging up programs you love to deliver!

Doing the dollars-for-hours thing creates feast and famine in your business – because you constantly need to ‘hustle’ to hit your numbers. Offering your services in packages frees you up so that you can better use your energy to care for your current clients, improve your skills, and simply enjoy your life! In this module, we’ll help you create dreamy results based packages for your clients that include the things you love and create a memorable experiences they be dying to tell their friends about! Your clients will be thrilled with everything you’ve put together to help them feel taken care of! Think of it this way…..Having hourly services is like offering a drive-through service, while packages on the other hand, are a full-service VIP dining in experience with all the personal touches to boot!!

 Here is how we’ll help you build programs that sell…

  • How to structure your offers, so that they make sense and lead to other offers.
  • How to build out a package – give clarity and form to your offerings.
  • How to add ‘pizzazz’ to your package without spending a lot of money.
  • How to make your package a full on experience without spending a ton of time.
  • How to make your package feel hold in your hand really for your client.

Plus you get the following done for you templates to make implementation a breeze!

  • The Packaging Grid – allows you to organize what goes in what package, so that it is easy for you to share with your potential client which one suits their needs best.
  • Sample Coaching Contracts – to make creating yours a breeze.
  • Leaflet Generators – easy writing templates to help you create ‘hold in your hand’ (small enough for your purse!) marketing materials.

 Module 9 – Cash Certainty

You’ll LOVE knowing your numbers!

Not sure where your income will be coming from next? That’s a scary, stressful place to be stuck in. Not only do you need a plan, but you need to start running your numbers! By learning how to accurately predict your cash flow, you will gain a sense of peace in your business. It will put you at rest from having to worry about where your income is coming from and allows you to focus on the things you love about your business – honing your skills, serving clients and watching them get results! Not to mention, it soothes the stress you feel about sales, because you can let go of the feeling of ‘needing’ clients …..when you feel that you need a client to make money, your prospect can feel that and will feel repelled at the thought of working with you. It is a vicious cycle, but we can help you get off it.
Here’s how we’ll help you build certainty around cash…
  • Create a consistent flow of income so you can predict your cash flow.
  • Never have to worry where your money will be coming from.
  • Confidently price your offers (and take the randomness out of it)!
  • Never stumble again when someone asks you how much your service is or challenges you on your pricing.
  • Understand how your pricing strategy contributes to your client’s actual transformation.
  • Step into your sales calls from a zen place of non attachment.

Plus you get the following done for you templates to make implementation a breeze!

  • Cash Flow Clarity – know your monthly money goal with precision.
  • Client Calculator – be clear on how many clients you need to serve to meet and exceed your money goals.
  • Run Your Numbers Worksheet – get out your calculator and price your packages in minutes.
  • Magic Income Predictor – confidently predict your income!

 Here is what you’ll accomplish in 90 days or less!

  • A new way of doing business based on your authentic passion and inspiration. One that fuels you into action with out having to push yourself.
  • The right mindset for unlimited success with a daily mindset practice that will keep you on your passion path, and help you conquer negativity, doubt and fear.
  • A new business model that flows with you. One built around your best life, your ideal day and spending your time doing what you love – with clients you love (and who love you!). 
  • A plan for multiple income streams that you can implement step-by-step.
  • A pricing structure that meets your need for financial freedom – so that you never have to say ‘no’ again, just because of the money.
  • Easy to implement ways you can increase the value of your services, without spending more time.
  • You’ll have an income plan and predictable cash flow.

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We’d love to hold your hand and walk you through this eye-opening work + play day, where you’ll not only learn a new way of offering your services, but you’ll come out of it with a ton of the work part already done, so that you are ready to say ‘YES!’ to your next level clients!

Plus, you’ll love getting access to the following BONUSES!

BONUS #1 Business Model RETREAT (VALUE $697)

This is an opportunity to be seen and heard by us and your peers. Each person will get their chance to take centre stage and share who you are, what you’re up to and what you need, to take your business to the next level. You’ll get mutiple minds working together on your business with you, leave with new friends for life and stellar expert business advice, honed in on your unique business challenges!


Once you’ve created your program, you are going to need a way to build a tribe of people ready to buy. In order to do that, you need to create a free git to build your list and following. In this training we’ll show you not only how to create a valuable free gift your people will love, but we’ll also show you have to set up a follow up sequence that gets you clients while you sleep!


Once you have your free gift and list set up, the next thing you have to think about is how to get people on your list! In this training we’ll show you how to blog so that people are excited to share your content with their friends on social media. You’ll also learn how to structure your content so that it can go viral!


Now that you have created your service, it is time to create your web platform. We’ve got you covered! We’ll show you how to set up your Facebook business page and set up your e-mail list so that you can start building a tribe of followers. Includes in depth trainings on topics like list building without a ‘fancy shmancy’ tele summit and technical video trainings, so that you have us by your side while you learn the technological side of setting up a follow up series to invite clients to work with you!

Total Value of BONUSES: $1638!

This is perfect for you if….

  • You are feeling burnt out from serving too many clients, you want to spend more time teaching, writing and travelling, rather than being stuck inside your office, glued to the computer or at the beck and call of your phone.
  • You are a multi-passionate woman who wants to incorporate more of what you love into what you do. You want to use your unique approach and message as a catalyst to stand out!
  • You are tired of not having the time in your sessions to get to the level of depth and commitment your clients require for deep transformation.
  • You want to make more money in less time, so that you have more time to be creative.

This won’t work for you if…

  • You don’t show up or follow through and implement what you learn.
  • You like to ‘hum and haw’ and overthink things until you are totally burnt out, bored and bummed out at the prospect of ever doing it.
  • You feel like a victim of your circumstances and at the mercy of what other people want from you.
  • You don’t have the confidence to take action before you feel ‘ready’.

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