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Femme-preneur, do you often find yourself in a chicken or egg scenario about money?

IMG_3841 (2)Are you stuck in the hamster wheel of ‘needing’ money to make money? Or completely stuck altogether because you can’t afford the tools, resources, paid help and support you need to manifest your vision?

We’ve been there sister! And we want to show you how we got out of the mindsets that kept us waiting, wishing and hoping- to finally leaping without a net!

In this intimate call, we are taking you behind the scenes. We’ll weave our personal money stories into this engaging and emotional  1 1/2 hour training where you will…..

  • Discover how knowing your money archetypes can give you precise action steps and empowering perspectives to heal your relationship with money.
  • Learn the truth about  YOUR money-and how to stop buying into the money myths that immobilize you
  • Uncover your aversion to money (and drop that shit!)
  • Rewire your brain to invest, not spend
  • Learn where and how to find the money for what you want (anytime)
  • And FINALLY, stop letting money be the reason that you can’t have what you want!

Join us LIVE on Monday February 9th at 12 noon CST  for the ‘LOVE Up Your Money Call’ (YES! there will be a recording too)!

To get access to this FREE training, simply enter your name and e-mail in the box in the top right hand corner of this page to get all the details!

Can’t wait to host you to this LOVE Up Your Money Call – Femme-Preneur Love!

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