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Is your work killing you?

Is Your Work Killing You?

work-killing-you-no-logoThe other day I had a revelation about seed planting and how it relates to the way we take on our life’s work.

A seed has to go down first, get totally covered and remain in the dark. And if it sends a shoot up into the light without creating a system of roots first, it won’t survive. So there is a humble and unseen stage, and trust me, you won’t feel like a rockstar here. As that seed, you will be in the dark soil for a time, preparing yourself, not for stardom or reaching AMAZING heights, but for having the foundation to go as DEEP as you want to go.

I have to imagine, the desire to conquer over and dominate didn’t come from a woman. So to get into sync with a more feminine approach, and think way outside the ‘big box’ mentality you already don’t love, I invite you to rebelliously go in the other direction.

What if focussing on doing small really well meant you could go really deep instead of big? And what if you never again had to resent your work for taking you off your spiritual track?

Born and raised in a go big or go home kind of a marketing business made me buy into this model for living

And it wasn’t until I was knocked down with a stage four lymphoma when I was really confronted by what harm can come from the go big or go home model of doing business.

To paint a picture for you, it was a pinnacle week at my family-owned business in marketing communication firm when a long-time and loyal corporate client was celebrating a 40th anniversary. Affections aside for the moment, they loved us because we never said ‘no,’ and we never uttered the words, ‘can’t do.’ And it was with a ‘can do whatever it takes’ attitude that seemed so valiant at the time, that when their event rolled around after several months of intense planning with a half-a-million dollar budget, I worked 48 hours in a row, in a state of high-stress, managing everyone around me too.

Even if I’d worked 48 hours in a row doing something not so stressful, it would still be considered a health hazard.

At the end of the day, the client was well served, we got paid handsomely, but within a few months I was headed for what I was told was my death bed. Was it worth it? To be part of serving this much-larger-than-life corporate ‘cause?’ No it wasn’t!!! Is your work killing you too?

The lesson it taught me ultimately is that there are in fact real causes in life. And when I get to work on those real causes, the results are greater awareness, an improved quality of life, an ability to take new action and for the good of all. That is my standard for working my ass off (when I’m inspired to) and for going deep in the work I do now as a women’s coach and mentor. 

These days many things have become much easier, I no longer have to balance life and work (I just have a life) and I never work around the clock. There are times to bust my butt and get-er-done, but I always know clearly why I am doing it and have confidence that it truly serves everyone and myself too. 

By having the goal to go deep with those who really get it, rather than give a little dribble to a lot, I get to enjoy the whole process, not just the bulge in the bank account that I can’t enjoy when I’m dead anyway.

To learn more about what it takes to get totally grounded and firmly rooted in your business, join Sherry and myself for a complimentary call, “Don’t go big, go deep!” We are giving away the entire farm here m’lady, so you’ll want to take us up on it.


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Beth Martens

Beth Martens - Femme-Preneur Mentor, Authentic Voice-Liberating Archetype Reader; Rebel-Mantra Singer, Mom and Cancer Survivor Beth tells the naked truth to mentor love-driven femme-preneurs and get past their marketing 'butterflies;' so they can fearlessly express their authentic voice to their ideal network and build empowered communities. Beth opens the door for change agents to take their life’s work to the next level by helping them communicate their value in their local, global and inner lives. Her transformational archetype readings reveal how women can market with a loving voice, make money sacred and breathe magical life into their dreams.

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