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How to Know if the Teacher Archetype is You or Not

jony-ariadi-197568-archetype-blogThere are a tonne of women out there who call themselves teachers, but they hate it, that’s mostly in our education systems.

And there are a tonne of natural born teachers out there who don’t have an education degree, and who are shaking in their boots to call themselves what they really are.

The designation of teacher is not given by an authority outside of yourself. Rather it’s something you received, (at birth, before birth, many lifetimes ago?) or even chose. It’s an archetype first, before it was any degree or certification. There would be no degrees or certifications if it weren’t for the archetype of the Teacher first.

Archetypes are the spiritual and emotional DNA we all carry within us. Because we are all connected, according to Carl Jung and his work on the collective consciousness, we actually have all the archetypes. But there will be those that are dear to your heart, in your immediate family, and that will express without fail through your life, whether in their awakened or sleeping versions.

So now that you know you either have it in your ‘immediate family’ or you don’t, here are the criteria for deciding if teaching, mentoring, guiding and imparting your wisdom is part of your path and sacred contract with life. Archetypes all have their ‘awakened’ side and their ‘sleeping side.’ See what you recognize in yourself.

An Awakened Teacher:

1. When you learn something valuable, and gain insights, you immediately want to help others get it.
2. What you desire to teach often includes, but also transcends the practical imparting of knowledge and carries with it a deeper spiritual transformation.
3. The more you learn and the more you teach, the more humble you become.
4. Shows a continued pattern of devoting yourself to teaching from your own insights.

A Sleeping Teacher:

1. Has more interest in controlling your students or followers than you are about imparting wisdom.
2. Tends to hold students back out of attachment to them.
3. Can keep students back out of fear of being surpassed by them.
4. Is driven by financial gain more than a clear love for giving of your wisdom and insights.

To decide if the Teacher archetype is truly one of yours, see if you can trace these qualities over the course of your lifetime.

However, when it comes to earning a living as a Teacher, and turning what and how you teach into a thriving service-based business, there are bridges that you must build that have NOTHING to do with your qualifications or even with your archetype.

Once you have discovered that the Teacher is in fact one of the archetypes you hold near and dear to you, and you’d like to crack the code of building a thriving service-based business out of it, sign up for our free training, Natural Born Teacher. In this training you will see how to make the bridge to being a true Teacher to being valued for your calling.

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Beth Martens

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