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How to be an expert, even if you don’t have all the answers.


When people first get started on their path to being in service around a message or modality, they start off super excited as they imagine spreading the ‘good news’ about what is possible.

They want to shout about it from the rooftops, to help others get the same transformation they’ve had – through their own personal experience of transforming their life or health in some way.

And yet, when they go to officially do that through a business, the fear of not knowing enough shows up.

And they start to get nervous about sharing what they do and speaking up for what they believe.

Public speaking and media relations are not even on the table – since even writing a social media post or sharing something controversial is a huge emotional obstacle for so many people – so much so, that they can’t even START their business.

How the heck are you going to get out there and make a difference in the world, never mind make a living doing what you love – if you aren’t willing to risk being seen making mistakes, being a fool – or gasp, being wrong about something!

Do you have to know everything or have all the answers, to step into expert status?

Of course not.

Only very insecure people feel like they have to pretend to know everything.

If you have to act like a ‘know at it all’ to feel superior to others or to feel significant, it is not helping your case.

In fact people can smell this on you.

They might smile and nod, but they are looking for the door.

If you expect your self to be perfect, you probably also expect that of others.

Your fear around being seen not knowing something, is because you are worried that people will be as harsh with you, as you are with them (and with yourself…..which is why you won’t let yourself get out there and be visible).

You might see a little or a lot of your self in what I just said. Or you might know someone who was like that towards you in your family – and that’s why you are so afraid to not know all the answers!

I know it is confronting, but you need to face it now or you’ll never be able to make progress in your business.

Ok, take a deep breath.

You are not alone.

It’s actually even less of a big deal than you are making it.

You’ve just been programmed by your parents, school and society to be afraid to be wrong!

Everybody feels the ‘need to be right’ to some degree.

But you have to act in spite of the compelling urge to hide because you prefer to only ever be seen as a perfect, smart, amazingly wise, all knowing genius!

Decide now that you will practice being comfortable with being uncomfortable or not knowing the answer.

Here is how you REALLY need to relate to knowledge, so that you can rise to the occasion of being an expert facilitator of it.

1) It is not about being right, it is about getting to the truth or to the heart of the matter.

2) When more knowledge is revealed, the so called truth changes. No one has the ultimate truth.

3) Your role is to facilitate learning. Help your people discover their own answers.

4) Just stay inside the question when the truth is not apparent. The more you ask questions the more you learn.

5) True experts are not only teachers, but perpetual students as well. Your job is to keep expanding your knowledge.

6) Practice saying you don’t know, when you don’t. You can always find out the answer. That’s what matters!

7) Don’t elevate yourself as being above anyone else. Be humble. Stay open to learning more. As a teacher, you learn the most from your colleagues, students and clients.

Finally, don’t give knowledge more credit than it deserves.

Knowledge that isn’t put into action is useless.

Seek to create experiences for people that allow them to integrate what you teach.

Knowledge only has real world value when it is actionable.

Then it is wisdom.

When you share from the wisdom of your experience, you bypass having to know everything.

You just share what you know to work in the real world.

From the perspective of your clients, all that matters is that what you offer works!

For them, it really doesn’t matter all that much why it works.

Why it works is your domain.

You care about knowing the ‘ins and outs’ and every detail about why what you do works – because it is your therapy or modality and you are passionate about that topic.

Your client on the other hand, has other passions and they have chosen you not because they want to become an expert on your topic, but to help them get the results they are seeking.

Which is why you need to exercise your courage muscle in getting our their and claiming expert status around what you do.

To help you do that, we’ve created a complimentary training series called ‘Natural Born Teacher’ to help you step into expert status without feeling like you have to know everything!

You can get instant access here!




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