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Having it all

381434392_295Do you want more self-discovery, pleasure, prosperity and fulfillment through your lifework and business?

Not long ago, I was standing where you are. At the crossroads feeling like I lived in a world of bleak duality having to choose between……

  • business vs. pleasure
  • family vs. work
  • serving ourselves vs. serving others
  • vibrant health vs. big time success
  • being available vs. having time
  • profit  vs. charity
  • making money vs. spending it
  • spirituality vs. consumerism

Back when I bought into the ‘business as usual’ mentality and thought I had to sacrifice all the important stuff that gives life meaning and pleasure.

I saw it as either/or.

And from that perspective, I was stuck in a holding pattern- unable to make confident decisions moving forward in my business, because it felt like I had to give up what I valued, for something I wanted.

From that perspective, I couldn’t win. It was lose/lose situation. And so I stayed stuck in indecision and confusion about how to move forward.

But what if you could have everything you wanted with a business as unique as you are as the vehicle for making it happen?

  • What if you could create an `outside the box` business that allowed you to express all your gifts, talents and passions through it, so that you don`t have to choose between business and pleasure?
  • What if you could pay your family first, incorporate your family dreams into your worklife and co create community in the process of building or growing your business?
  • What if your clients were best served when you let your desires drive your business model?
  • What if by nurturing your health, you build your muscles for even more success in your business?
  • What if you could give even more than you already do, yet have more time than you thought possible?
  • What if you could profit AND donate, big time to the causes you value?
  • What if you made more money by investing into experiences that add value to your life instead of `stuff`(not to mention making memories… unforgettable luscious memories)??
  • What if you used all the ‘shit’ that comes up in your business as a catalyst for illuminating your ‘stuff’
  • What if you put your money where your mouth is, by investing out of pocket in alternative health care, the beautiful ‘stuff’ you love (artfully made by artisans), businesses that make a difference and eco technologies and luxuries etc… what if you kept your money in flow and spread your wealth by purchasing from businesses you LOVE in your local and global community?

What if YOU could have both/and?

The first step to getting on the path to ‘having it all’  is to start by first saying YES! to the possibility.

On the other hand, if you don’t believe it is possible, then you get to keep creating your life from that perspective…ultimately re creating the same life and perceived limitations you already have.

Either way, you get to be right about it!

Want to learn more and look at ‘having it all’ from the femme-preneur perspective?

If you said yes, click here to get access to this free training call where we’ll teach you to think differently about your business and give you a step by step checklist to help you get started on the path!

Do you think it is possible for you to have it all? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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Sherry Rothwell

Sherry Rothwell

Sherry Rothwell, RHN is super passionate about holistic nutrition, bohemian business and mindset mastery. Learn more at

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