Femme-Preneur Love Inner Circle

Make Your Living, Doing What You LOVE: Learn how to create a financially and energetically sustainable business so that you can create a foundation that is scale-able and finally have the freedom you’ve always wanted!

JoyfulSounds simple enough right?

But so it often doesn’t FEEL simple with so many moving parts to pull together!

After all we are human- and it’s easy to get distracted- especially as femme-preneurs (us nurturing types, we naturally look out for more than just ourselves!).

And that’s ok love!  It’s common to feel overwhelmed when running a business all by your lonesome- BECAUSE we all need feedback, connection and community to stay on track with our vision!

Which is exactly why we’ve created the Femme-Preneur Love Inner Circle….

You’ll love this program because it will keep you on top of your marketing tasks, in the flow with your business and connected to your self care… so that your business can finally LOVE you back!

But that’s not all!

Here is what else you get….

  • 1 Monthly exclusive video/audio training on topics like how to get clients, build your list, manage your energy and your money.
  • New Moon VIRTUAL circle to keep you in a rhythm of stopping to clearly envision the coming month for quick manifestation of your intentions and goals.
  • Moon cycle updates to keep you on task with your business tasks in tune with the moon’s supporting energy.
  • Once a month LIVE group coaching Q & A call where you can get your questions about your business answered LIVE and in real time by Sherry and Beth
  • Access to the Femme-Preneur Love inner circle private online community where you can connect with other like minded femme-preneurs for connection, feedback and support!
  • A place where you can network, co-create and share your work with women who care about your success!
  • Instant access to over $2000 worth of online health, money and marketing training.
  • Spotlight opportunities to have YOU and your transformation featured in the community!

With our extensive back round in business you’ll love our ‘outside the box’ stories, unconventional advice and the laser focused coaching we offer based on 35 years combined experience in retail, corporate, yoga, birth services, energy healing, life coaching and nutrition consulting.


You can count on us to understand YOUR business!

 Enjoy this complimentary New Moon Circle video replay to get a feel for how we roll….

Plus check out these amazing BONUSES for a total additional value of $2782

BONUS 1: Technical Tricks Video series $397

Let us show you how to get past annoying ‘techy’ blocks in your biz with video demonstrations for those little things that keep you stuck- but that can be easily over come in minutes (when you know how)!

BONUS 2: Your Soul’s Calling $697

yoursoulcalling-bundle 4 week

Your Soul`s Calling: 4 Week Start Up Plan This is for you if you`ve got big dreams for your life and for your family and you are ready to make a generous living doing what you love- without compromise! This 4 week e-course is perfect for you if you want to….

  •  Combine all of your gifts talents and passions into a business
  • Create a business that is perfectly suited to your strengths and capatilizes on your quirks
  • Craft an `outside the box` holistic business plan and do business YOUR way
  • Design a personality brand that feels oh so you!
  • Overcome the emotional blocks that keep you stalling and using your family as an excuse- and instead make them part of your reason.

Get this 4 week start up plan to design your dream business, attract your tribe and build a wait list of clients ready to start when you are!

BONUS 3: Your Authentic Voice – It’s No Little Thing e-Course VALUE $497

For Women Who Want to Join Together to Take Small, Manageable Steps to Find Your Voice and Learn the Fine Art of Self Expression

Every journey of a thousand miles began with a single step. Do you want to embark on your journey to become fully self expressed and make big changes in your life? Or does it feel like you are stuck in the mud, life is making big changes in you and all you can muster up some days is a whisper? It doesn’t have to stay like that…

How would your life change if you felt this freedom, ultimately? You would be able to:

  • Feel the pleasure of confidently expressing your unique and sweet sound vibration through song and public speaking.
  • Have the courage to say the things that are really important to you, and with grace so that you could feel at peace, at ease and right with the world.
  • Turn to practices that can easily help you get unstuck creatively.
  • Take a stand for those who have no voice and make a transformative difference in the world.
  • Confidently declare your life purpose and the reason you came to earth in the first place.
  • Align your will with that of the Divine.
  • Speak your peace with discernment and compassion so that you share your authentic truth without triggering defense or anger in others.
  • Take small, on-purpose steps that gently and cumulatively amplify your passions at a manageable, predictable and ordered pace.

BONUS 4: Revamp Your Kitchen: Drop the Foods that Drain $397

381434392_295In this series of 20+ short videos, let Sherry show you how to put pleasure back on your table to get your energy back in the kitchen and eliminate foods that deplete you (nutritionally and energetically).

What you learn in this program will give you the level of health and energy you need to make your dreams come true- without giving up your pleasure!

Best of all your whole family will LOVE the new nutrient dense alternatives you’ll discover and get healthier while you take your business to the next level!

BONUS 5: Moon Yoga $397

Beth will help you nourish your body and soul with 12 online yoga classes that are in sync with the cycles of the moon, and that teach you how how to do a yoga practice practice to cooperate with (rather than fight against) moon energy. As an added bonus, each video contains a mantra practice you can practice to get the most out of the time of the month to help you blast past any of the obstacles that might be in your way.  All 12, 60 minute videos are available as downloads, or you can watch them on demand and online, so you can be on the road or in the comfort of your own home!

BONUS 6: Forbidden Secrets to Designing a Wildly Attractive and Luxuriously Intimate Business in 7 Pleasurable Steps Training $397

Learn how to design luxuriously elegant packages that indulge your clients with the special attention, connection and pleasure they want – so that you can finally have the luscious & lucrative lifestyle business you deserve!

You’ll come away from this 2 part workshop with…..

PART 1: Learn to think outside the box to create a business that allows you to express your dream life through your work – not aside from it!

Come away with a bold new idea for a high touch, high end service.
Know for certain that your big idea is possible.

PART 2: During the second 2-hour training, we’ll show you once and for all if your idea is marketable and financially sustainable, or not (and if not, how your plan needs to be tweaked)!

A template for scaling your business and predicting your income for the coming year.
A luxurious step by step plan to get started

Join now for only $97 per month (no contracts)


THE FINE PRINT: All the live Q & A calls, videos and audios will go into archive from the date you join. That means,you will NOT have access to the past trainings if you join later in the year- so now is the time to join!! When you join the Femme-Preneur Inner Circle you get access to that month’s training material and everything else moving forward for as long as you remain part of our sisterhood!
Copyright ©2014 Femme Preneur Love, by Beth Martens & Sherry Rothwell
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