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Do You Suffer with the Eve Program?

The Original Lies

William Blake

William Blake

Disclaimer: Strong opinions and interpretations are being made in this article. I am not a theologian, I am a chaser of symbols, artistic expression and archetypal mythologies, of which Adam and Eve became. 

The point of this article is to give women a chance to let go of any “Eve programming” they may have received from this, that is holding them back particularly with using business as a way to transform the culture in which they live, for the better of them, their families, their communities and humanity.


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So, I asked my ten-year-old son who Adam and Eve are this morning. He said to me, “Weren’t they the first people?”

I found that fascinating because my son wasn’t brought up with any Christian or religious influences that I’m aware of (though there’s lots of spiritual stuff in the zone!)

Regardless, that he “knew” Adam and Eve are the original people, speaks volumes to how successful the original story tellers were at getting their point, and their world view/”truth” across.

Really successful, holy marketing campaign. Even if the buy in was forced.

What it succeeded in doing is manufacturing the lowest possible of human experiences for women (never mind the children they were raising) – fear of banishment and abandonment (and death of course); shame of basic, natural and in reality beautiful human states of nudity and sexuality; mistrust and demonizing of inner knowing; and confusion about God-given desires that had to be suppressed and made unconscious. Just to name a few off the top of my head.

I won’t use this article to detail the history of violently oppressing women any more, but we all know that elephant is in the room.

I know I’m not even close to the first one to unpack the mythology of Adam and Eve. But I couldn’t find much when I searched it, (feel free to send me what you find).

When International Women’s Day was coming around I was inspired by these images:

And how they impart amazing symbolic and cultural information, the best of the artists drawing no conclusions, but only presenting the incredible complexity of human soul and suffering.

For those of us who grew up with Adam and Eve hanging over our heads here’s we unconsciously “learned” about ourselves as women:


John Roddam Spencer Stanhope_-The Expulsion from Eden (detail) 1900

- we are weak to temptation.

- we flirt with evil forces.

- in our weakness we corrupted men and made them weak.

- we are responsible for being ousted from “God’s” lavish garden of paradise into a harsh and cruel world full of struggle for survival and horrific child birth.

- we are forbidden the fruit of the tree of knowledge…by God! By a God that creates things we can’t have, just to test and torture us so we have to wrestle and suppress our soul-level desires.

- consuming the flesh of knowledge, embodying it, leads to banishment, abandonment, hardship.

- our childbirth would forever be painful and dangerous for women, caused by their own original sin (and not all the inept interference bestowed upon birthing women for centuries).

- that making a living was to be a struggle of toil and turmoil).

- and possibly worst of all was we “learned” that knowledge was dangerous, meant to be cloistered in the hands of the few and the not women.

I know this is intense, but it’s intense brainwashing. There are likely millions who would never feel they adhere to this view of women, but history is there.

What we’re going to share a lot more about dismantling this myth for women entrepreneurs who held back by their “Eve” programming in business are of at a Femme-Preneur Livestream Event we are hosting on Facebook, March 8, at noon CST in honour of International Women’s Day.

We’ll give you an opportunity to band together with the consciousness of women from around the world tuning in, or catching a recording, to let your fear of stepping into your true identity as a teacher go.

If you asked nearly any woman (who doesn’t use Christian mythology literally) if all of these points are true, she would laugh and say no. Consciously, we can discriminate this is total BS. That’s not our problem.

It’s the way it has unconsciously penetrated our psyches at the level of the unconscious through the reinterpretation of symbols. 


Unknown Artist (please tell us if you know!)

The tree of life, connecting earth and heavens.The apple as the embodiment of knowledge and wisdom. I am very clear, this is not the forbidden fruit! We would never be designed for lack and suffering, this is not the nature of the universe. it’s infinitely compassionate those Buddhists say.

The serpent taken to be a satanic force of evil corruption and temptation, in ancient cultures representing the kundalini rising of energy along the spine and raising of spiritual energy. 

By twisting the stories of these powerful symbols that already tie to deeply primal experiences, we are hooked in the unconscious. The results is we are destined to perpetuate the ‘realities’ that birth is hard, making a living is hard and all that wild God-given energy inside of you needs to be controlled. It’s just meant to confuse you, to trip you up, to test you and to make you deny it’s fulfillment at all cost.  

So what to do if you discover this mythology is holding you back, unconsciously, from being the natural born teacher that you are? 

It’s first to unpack that unconscious belief. Take out every piece of it and poke holes into it until it’s totally see-through. 

Second is to build in the light of your true super powers as a teacher, to learn to value your ability to impart, not just knowledge – beliefs, facts, figures’ but also the true wisdom that each woman is uniquely gifted with. You know, that way she would naturally weaves her magic into the fabric of humanity, if she saw a clear path. 

We hold a dream that women transform the culture through consciousness business endeavours. Our mission is to light a new path forward in business that serves the highest interests of women entrepreneurs, their families and their clients at the same time. 

We hope more and more women claim their natural and earned expertise without apology, and be a force of femme-preneur love in the world.

If you’re hearing yourself in this sisterhood of women who are bravely allowing themselves to claim their gifts, watch our International Women’s Day video on this subject.

And the kicker, the Natural Born Teacher free training on March 16! Sign up for free at this link.



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