Why the why keeps you going in the face of obstacles

Do you have a strong ‘why’ that keeps you going in your business inspired, engaged and committed, even when the going gets tough? If not, you need one (or you need to change your business). What is the point of having a business if you are not loving what you do or making a living […]

17 Womanly Ways to Get Back into Femme-Preneur Flow

Do ever feel like your business is draining your energy? If you said yes, then you’ll love these simple tips to build your business in a way that capitalizes on your feminine strengths. Keep reading to get ideas for how you can plug the energy leaks in your business, build more energy and get back […]

Having it all


Do you want more self-discovery, pleasure, prosperity and fulfillment through your lifework and business? Not long ago, I was standing where you are. At the crossroads feeling like I lived in a world of bleak duality having to choose between…… business vs. pleasure family vs. work serving ourselves vs. serving others vibrant health vs. big […]

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