Before you go & waste your money on another business product, service or training….

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I have personally invested well over $50,000 in internet marketing training, conferences, e-courses and group coaching. Nice chunk of change huh?! The people closest to me….many people in my family, acquaintances and possibly even close friends would have ‘shaked their heads’ at me in bewilderment (or disbelief)…..while certain people in my family and extended family would […]

Is Your Work Killing You?

Is your work killing you?

The other day I had a revelation about seed planting and how it relates to the way we take on our life’s work. A seed has to go down first, get totally covered and remain in the dark. And if it sends a shoot up into the light without creating a system of roots first, […]

17 Womanly Ways to Get Back into Femme-Preneur Flow

Do ever feel like your business is draining your energy? If you said yes, then you’ll love these simple tips to build your business in a way that capitalizes on your feminine strengths. Keep reading to get ideas for how you can plug the energy leaks in your business, build more energy and get back […]

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