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3 Ways to Make Love with Money

beth-voice-niki1There are 3 ways to express clearly through the energies of money and sexuality that will create an explosion of creative and manifesting power.

In this article I’m going to show you how the energy of money and sexuality are practically identical, and how following 3 simple guidelines for expressing authentically about your personal power in the form of money and sex is a powerful foundation for giving it up with your authentic voice, while honouring and enjoying its inherent value.

First of all try to think of any problem you have that doesn’t boil down to some issue around personal power, including sex and money. There isn’t one, trust me I’ve looked.

Bear with me for a minute while I speak in some of the yoga jargon I picked up in my eight trips to India. Because if we’re talking sex, money and personal power, we are in the realm of the ‘second chakra,’ the part of the body where we concentrate the energies of money and sex. The second chakra (svadishtaan), is the caretaker of our one-on-one relationships, and constantly puts a mirror up to us about our honour.

Money is an indisputable force in our world today, built on the collective imagination about how to express, communicate and, of course, trade our value. Sexual energy is also a immensely motivating force. What we do, where we go, how many hoops will we jump through to express “more” of our sexual side? Men are more interested in the physical sex experience and women are more interested in the emotional intimacy, but it appears they are equally fascinated with having it!

Money and Sex have tonnes in common, let’s look at how are they are just the same.


Sexual encounter, intimate love and second-chakra exploration is a range of experience from the most satisfying and sustaining to the least. For fast sex, you literally pull up to the station, yell, “fill-er-up!” and off you go with your tank all filled. But all you get are high-priced fossil fuels that burn in like a second and then are gone. And you have to come back practically every day to refuel. But when you make beautiful precious transformative love, and when you make sacred money, you can grow and feed on that for a long time.

Surface connections and immediately gratifying the senses do not add up to even a little true love. And where money is concerned, we all can think of someone whose financial resources do not bring them true happiness – no matter how much of it they have.

But the quality of even a little time with a beloved can be extremely nourishing, for hours, for days for weeks and even the shine of it will be felt and passed along. Money is the same. Making money feels good, it’s satisfying to see the fruits of our labour flowing, doing our life’s work – the thing we came especially wired to do on earth.

The problem is that people are willing to forego actual nourishment and long-term connection in favour of the fast sex food. Women settle for it in place of the intimacy they crave, and men settle for it in place of the intimate connection they need.

It’s the same with money.

Actually there’s no money, dig it down and there is only relationship. Without the veritable passing-to-and-fro that makes up the economy, mulah is totally a mute point. And as you may have noticed, money can’t buy you happiness. Or rather I prefer to say, money can’t buy you more happiness even if it can only get you so far on the happiness path.

If the source of our money and love aren’t in alignment with our values, then it may very well leave us hungry for more no matter how we get it.

In case it’s too obvious to say, let’s talk about the elephant in the room why don’t we, both money and sex are sources of pleasure. They can instantly transform (for better and worse) our mood, our self worth and the quality of our relationships. They are a both a currency of personal power, what we have to show for how much confidence we have built, what we feel to be our self-worth and mediums for incredibly transformational exchange.

I’m going to show you 3 ways to become equally empowered in your voice about money as you are about your voice about expressing your sexuality, so you can become a rockstar at manifesting, creating your art in the world, get the important-to-you shit done and actually do shit rather than just talking about doing shit and then feeling like shit when you look back and didn’t do your shit in the world.

But first, let’s get it straight.

Money is imagined, value is the real part. Money is magic energy only because we agree en-mass to let it represent our value. So, because relationships so clearly reflect our self-worth, if you are struggling with a boyfriend, a spouse or life partner, it’s a sign that one or both of you need to get your money shit together.

Here are the 3 Ways to Make Love with Money and simple guidelines for expressing authentically about your personal power through money and sex…

1. Make sure it’s true love.

It must be true love in order to be worth walking on fire, getting raked through the coals and getting your ego burned to a crispy critter, sometimes every day before breakfast.

No matter how long we fake it, we will never make it. If you’re not doing what you love for money, it will never feel sacred. And if you’re not with the one you love, all the love-making in the world will never become a powerful force for good in the world.

Women settle for sex, men settle for a woman that will have it with them. It will never satisfy the deep soul-level destiny to find the lock-and-key fit that exists between you and your true loves the moment you are born.

2. Don’t Play Small or Over-Inflate

Inflated egos are just as annoying as deflated egos. How we position our personal power, with our money, i.e., what we purchase in terms of self-care, medicine, food, shelter, adornment and beauty – from the most practical to the most luxurious – adds up to our voice about what we perceive our worth to be.

If you are playing small, you will never push the edge of your potential. If you are  inflating the truth of your worth you will feel like a fraud.. Both are deeply flawed paradigms.

And when it comes to our sexual expression, if you are anything but yourself in bed – either denying yourself and your partner the scale of love and pleasure possible – you will regret it (maybe as much as your partner). And if you posture and try to be a lover you are not, you are going to be continually drained by the experience and not create a sense of honour around it.

3. Give love and value unconditionally, but don’t throw those pearls at the feet of swine.

Be fearlessly unavailable.

…to those situations that don’t allow you to flawlessly value yourself.  If you get that niggle of tension every time the subject of money or sex arise treat it you have work to do.

But — if you want to grow and nurture your creative life to potential, then it’s got to come down to nothing less than unconditional love.

Giving unconditionally means you don’t give your sexual energy just to anyone who asks for it. It’s precious and the gift of it has to be earned, because in its true expression it’s one of enormous vulnerability. That’s why they call it “giving it up.”

So throw your pearls unconditionally where they’ve been earned. And then otherwise be super clear about the value of the exchange, what your motives are. Because just as in business, equally in love, it is easy to come up short due to having not enough or no boundaries.

Thanks for joining me for 3 Ways to Make Love with Money! To learn more about how to make love with money and rock it out in your business, join Sherry and Beth for a teleseminar and 6-video series where you will learn ’3 Feminine Secrets for Creating Joy, Pleasure and Prosperity into Your Business.’

*Originally published at FIERCE Magazine

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