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3 Ways to Have Faith in Your Femme-Preneur Super-Powers

beth-femme-preneur-loveThere’s only one thing you need to want everyday, and that is unconditional happiness. Can you bring happiness to everything even though you’re not THERE to your liking?

Look underneath it, ground down, get dirty and face to face with it and you’ll find the fear of death. Looking at it squarely is how you are ultimately going to be able to have faith in your abilities.

Because faith is a life and death thing. And crises of faith are about ultimately about being afraid to die. Victories of faith are a result of recognizing that life goes on indefinitely.

If you’re a woman in business who really cares about what you do for money, you aren’t satisfied to work on someone else’s vision, or lack thereof. You have to break ground, forge ahead and create from scratch what would be so easy to leave behind…. if it weren’t for your relentlessly demanding soul and all.

Let’s face it, femme-preneurs, you’re likely qualified up the yin yang.

Despite your feelings of not-ready-yet and less-than self worth, you may be overqualified. And depending on the nature of your education, training and certifications you’re likely stuffed full of programs, have regulations governing you, and you are fed a steady stream of rules that stop you one way or the other from doing what you know can be done. All those artificial add-ons actually hold you back from reaching the potential of your work and your quirky, unique way of being in service.

Maybe you have associations and organizations and regulations hanging over your shoulder, telling you what you can do, what you can practice, how much you can charge, how much time you can spend, how much impact you can have. The list goes on. And if you’re still depending on and defining yourself by these external bodies, being literally disembodied as a result, you’re exhausted by wearing the shackles, and  running with weights for no good enough reason when you know you could fly high like an eagle.

As a born rebel-passionate and leader of rebel-passionate femme-preneurs, I’m a big fan of seeing how much self-governing is possible. But it’s not just about anarchy and balking the system, it’s about how much responsibility I can take for myself, never mind for those I serve. That’s where I’ve discovered real confidence in my work, no matter what level of development I was at, letting me naturally find the courage to put it out with no apologies. Because it’s faith based.

By having faith in your actual abilities you are both elevated and humbled at the same time.

Rather than overinflated with delusions or the other extreme, discounting the really valuable gems you hold, you get to be with what is, and the very likely fact that your people are waiting for you to help them do that too.

Speaking of Archetypes

To step into true faith means coming into a relationship with your inner prostitute. This is the archetype that engages in fear-based survival by performing acts that serve the soul not. Acts that deplete energy, awareness, self-worth and self- respect. They compromise the values, and divert us from the truth and beauty of how we could thrive by the inherent power which Goddess has given us.

So here’s the three ways how to be awake in faith instead instead of afraid not to survive on your raw Goddess given superpowers.

  1. Give yourself credit for all you are, before you picked up any… skills, qualifications, degrees, diplomas, credentials, experience, wisdom, developed your passions, fine tuned your skills. You will find a pleasant peace, acceptance and peace with your most powerful weapon against self doubt, your Life itself. You can never doubt life, and you are (way) more than anything alive.

2. Set the standard for your work by how it makes you feel. And know that how you ‘actually feel is the biggest determining factor for how things are going to play out for you, and never mind leave you feeling in the end.

This means taking responsibility for how you’re feeling, once and for all, so you can master being a magnet what it it’s that you are destined. By bringing happiness into the world, rather than just re-enact ing and pulling in what you are afraid of….you inherit enormous faith and courage!

When you go against your inner faith, then you pay the price in lost life. Instant and slow burn karma included, some assembly required.

3. Get results the way you know you can. Change lives, make your difference, add beauty and inspiration to the mix of human emotion for much more than just yourself. Practice what you know, be courageous enough to charge for what you do, and then watch your energy rise.

Have faith in your life energy to be your teacher at every turn.

If it goes down and spirals out, you have lost faith and are missing your calling, your right action, your right living. But if the energy spirals up, creates joy, then be sure to have faith and let it go at all cost. Because in doing so you will become intimately tied with the true them of the in breath and the out breath, the forces of life and creativity. It is in us all to align with enormous power, and endless inner resources.

Finally, do what you know must be done by you. You know, you’ve always known. It’s simple. And for femme- preneurs whose businesses live and die by their actions, their ability to assume responsibility and very much by their faith, they and all those they will serve have nothing less than freedom and sovereignty to gain.


If you’d like to learn more about having faith in the value of your super-powers, click here to join us for a special event where we are going to teach you how to bring joy, pleasure and prosperity into your business, totally our treat!




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