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3 Reasons Why Getting Criticized is a Good Thing in Business

fearless-daryn-bartlett-58483The possibility of being criticized is a BIG reason why many women entrepreneurs will head for the hills and hide out.

Just thinking about being criticized, never mind it happening, and they suppress the hell out of their desire to get out in front and teach, lead and spread their wisdom to those who need it.

But at the end of the day, if you value this fear of being criticized, more than what you have to share with your audience, it will be the biggest loss to you and those you would serve with your message.

Because the fact is, just wrap your head around it, you WILL get criticized. It is a given. And it’s actually good news.

3 Reasons to Be Happy You Are Being Criticized in Your Business

1. It means you’re doing something worthwhile and noteworthy.

2. It means you are being seen.

3. It means you’re risking a hit to your ego for something that matters more to you!

While I’m never insensitive to the pain a client experiences, I am always cheering for them when they experience a take-down. They stuck their neck out in their business, that’s cause for celebration!!! Because if you don’t stick your neck out and take a stand for what you know and believe and can teach, then you don’t have a business.

You may get criticized because your knowledge has shifted and changed over the years. But what are you going to do? Pretend you don’t know what you know and withhold that from your community just to save face? There’s no integrity in that.

You may get criticized because you have people in your world that are jealous of the risks you take. Just know that whatever they say, it has nothing to do with you and everything to do with how they feel about themselves.

You may get criticized because someone doesn’t like or agree with your message. Maybe they are just not your tribe! (Luckily, there is a great cure for this called precision niche marketing – the topic of another article.) By speaking your message you are cleaning house, allowing those who don’t match you and your vibe to slip away, and making space for those who are a match with you.

Whatever the reason for criticism, it isn’t easy. It’s painful. But just know it’s your choice what to do with it. We are in charge of our own experience, and not at the whim of someone’s careless, ‘smart’ or ‘helpful’ remark. So you can either indulge yourself in that pain and pretend someone else decides for you how you feel, or you can let it the heck go. You know what I recommend!

If you’re hearing this and saying yes, I’m getting stuck with this fear of being criticized, and you want to know how to get past it, join us for a free live training: Natural Born Teacher! In this zero-cost training you will see how to avoid this pitfall and get on with claiming your true expertise and having a thriving business too.

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