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17 Womanly Ways to Get Back into Femme-Preneur Flow

Do ever feel like your business is draining your energy?

If you said yes, then you’ll love these simple tips to build your business in a way that capitalizes on your feminine strengths.

Keep reading to get ideas for how you can plug the energy leaks in your business, build more energy and get back into your femme-preneur flow.

1) Get support, accountability, mentorship and sisterhood around your lifework path (stop wasting your energy and losing time trying to figure it out all on your own).

2) Let what is not you drop away and live your purpose (allow who you are being reflect the you that you were before you felt you needed to be anything more than who you are) and enjoy the journey (it’s all about feeling joy, lady in flowpleasure and adventure in the process).

3) Value the unique education that your life path has afforded you (your experience and your story gives you rock solid credibility over any certification or degree).

4) Incorporate all of yourself into your business by being a personality brand (let your life and your passions be the vehicle for your marketing).

5) Speak your truth to turn on the right clients and to turn off the wrong ones (let your copy and communication be uncensored so that your clients can work with the real you, not some contrived ‘professional’ version of you).

6) Create a multi-passionate business as unique as you are (mix business with pleasure- you don’t have to choose between your passions)!

7) Switch from 1 off sessions to packages (for consistent cash flow, less marketing and better results for your clients).

8) Artfully craft your unique branded signature system (your clients are worth considering a well thought out path to get them the transformation that they come to you for).

9) Give your clients more time, more attention and more value (give them a high end royal hand hold).

10) And at the same time keep your work accessible by creating group programs, e-courses and info products to serve people at all sorts of income and commitment levels.

11)  Create an experience for people to help them savour their transformation and make memories (it is time now to invest in experiences, not stuff).

12) Transform your feelings about money from scared to sacred (it’s simply an exchange).

13) Stop trying to control time and expand it by being intentional (drop the have to’s and prioritize your want to’s).

14) Ditch the never ending to-do list and create a ‘to accomplish’ list (allow self acknowledgment to be part of the process).

15) Schedule your pleasure (put it on the schedule before you schedule your work).

16) Stop trying to fit business development and creation time in ‘here and there’ and get momentum with work retreats instead.

17) Flow your business tasks in tune with the moon’s supporting energies (manage your energy, not your time).

*This article was originally published in Fierce Magazine.

Tell us your favourite way to get back in the flow with your femme-preneur business?

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