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15 Ways to Cultivate Abundance without Needing More Money

Abundance is relative. You can feel abundant or strapped for cash whether you have a dollar – or a million of them.

If you are reading this, chances are you have a computer, food in the fridge and a roof over your head, all of which makes you much wealthier than most (at least in terms of money).

Demeter Abundance Alice PopkornIf you are down to a dollar in your bank account, you should know that there are people who have a much larger cash flow than you do, but don’t feel any more abundant, because their expenses bring them back to just making it by too.

Some people are wealthy financially, but miserly and miserable because they worry about losing it all the time.

That’s why (at least from my perspective), abundance has less to do with having money or stuff, but is actually a feeling that we cultivate moment by moment – apart from how much money we have in the bank.

It is a very important distinction.

If you are struggling right now with money and are looking for how to get out of that struggle, understanding this can save you years of striving and the disappointment of figuring it out the hard way.

These words are born of my own experience – both successes and failures with money and personal accomplishments, have taught me that no external circumstance is the source of my happiness – and that all pleasures of money and success are short lived.

On the flipside, feeling bad about our failure is long lived if we believe that our abundance comes from stuff – and from external circumstances that we feel we have no control over.

What I am about to share with you are practical action steps that you can take to reclaim your ability to generate abundance from within.

And it will work – when you apply it.

It doesn’t matter who you are, what you’ve done, where you are at or what’s happened in your past.

These ways of being will change your life and continue to improve your experience of it – for as long as you practice it.

More than anything, abundance is really about the art of being happy.Thanksgiving Alice Popkorn

Lester Levenson said it best when he said “Money doesn’t make you happy, but happiness does make you money.”

What I most love about what I am about to share with you is that it has nothing to do with stocks, bonds, managing your money, saving pennies or anything else left brained logical and boring – and it isn’t about depriving yourself now in the hopes of having a better future – someday- and none of it actually has anything to do with money!

It’s about generating the feeling of abundance by having a better now (which is the only thing anyway that can pave the way for a better future).

You have everything you need to generate abundance from within.

The only thing standing in the way of our having what we want is limited thinking, negative emotions, lack of clarity and the belief that we are not worthy or responsible enough to be entrusted with what we say we want. All of which represents that on some level we have an aversion to abundance (whether it’s money, time, relationships, community, resources etc.). There is a whole bunch of stuff that comes with abundance that we are  actually very afraid of….but that is for a whole other conversation in itself.

The key to having more, is simply squeezing the juice out of what you already have.

When you feel like you already have, more will come to you.

On the other hand, if we feel like what we have isn’t enough, nothing more comes to us but the same as before. We just keep having more of what we already feel to be true (partly because we are looking for the evidence that we are right about our limitations and we find what we seek).

What you seek, seeks you. It works both in the positive and the negative.Internal Flight Alice Popkorn

But, if you start to relate to abundance as being a feeling that  you can cultivate in any circumstance, you’ll discover that you’ve always been rich beyond your wildest dreams!

So without further adieu, here are my 15 ways to feel abundant, even when your bank account says otherwise (they can be done in any order, you can do all or some  of them or even do them half ass and you’ll still feel more abundant)!

Doing any and all of these things has the potential to make you feel good if you are willing to get into it.

And when you feel good, you will feel abundant.

There is only one time to feel abundant and that is now. You always have the power to feel abundant in this moment.

It is that simple (not always easy of course, because negative feelings are sticky – nonetheless you are capable – you were born for this!).

Make these ‘ways’ a habit and you’ll feel eternally abundant.

Way 1: Clear Clutter

The stuff you are tripping over,  stuff that’s old and broken, stuff you don’t love, you don’t use it, all of it represents stagnant energy in your life. It weighs you down and drags the past into your future. It takes up space not only at your feet, but in your head. Make space for what you want in your life by ridding your surroundings of clutter instead of letting the messes of the past drag you down.

Way 2: Give

You don’t have to sell that stuff you don’t want. Why not give it away and trust that you too will receive what you need when you need it and look for evidence of that? Whether you have a little or a lot of time, give some away to gift and treat others with your presence – or donate time to a cause you believe in.

Way 3: Clean

There is nothing like dirty dishes, a scummy bathtub or being surrounded by filth to keep us in a bad mood and feeling sorry for ourselves. For many people (me), living in disarray is the perfect recipe for depression. In fact I’ve never met a depressed person who also feels abundant. If you live in a so called ‘shithole’, make it the cleanest shithole on the block, so that you can relax there and breathe easy.

Way 4: Work with the energy

Infuse yourself and your surroundings with good vibes and healing energy. Play music, light candles, plug in some himalayan rock salt lamps, burn incense, burn sage, add a bouquet of flowers, plants etc. Go to the library and learn how to work with your body’s energy system, to build your vitality, navigate your inner world, expand your sexual experience, and learn energy medicine to heal for yourself and your family (all of it is free and unlimited)!

Way 5: Adopt an animal

There is nothing like the unconditional love of a pet to make you feel good (not to mention it feels good to serve and give back to them too!). If you like animals, adopt one for free on Kijiji (there is always someone who discovered they made the wrong choice to get a pet and are desperate to find it another forever home). BUT make sure you do your research to make sure that you understand the nature of ‘said pet’ and are prepared for the responsibilities (of course). This is not something to do on a whim- we are talking about a living being with feelings here!

Way 6: Re arrange the furniture and beautify your space

Feng Shui is also a way to work with the energy of your home, but simply intuitively re arranging the furniture will shift your mood. It not only freshens up the feel of your space, but it also allows you to express your creativity which of course always feels good! Most importantly, you will better appreciate and enjoy your ‘now’ home and feel good in it.

Way 7: Deep dive organization

Not in love with your home? So what! Make it the most beautiful space it can possibly be and as you shift the way you feel in this home, you will be that much closer to having the home of your dreams.  Go through your house room by room, cupboard by cupboard, closet by closet, drawer by drawer and through your file cabinets to organize and get ready to move. Not only will you love your space in the process, but you are sending a clear message to the universe that you are ready for your next big move (and best of all it will be an easy one as you won’t be taking any clutter or disarray into the future with you!).

Way 8: Create your sacred happy space

Designate a special corner of your home to a sacred space where you come to let go of emotional baggage and inspire yourself. Make it beautiful and comfortable. Include inspirational books, CD’s, DVD’s, a journal and power items like sacred symbols objects, stones and card decks.

Way 9: Start your gains/gratitude journal/jar (put’ em on strips of paper and watch the jar fill up!)

We see what we look for, so look for what is working about your life. Keep track of all that you are grateful for and all the miracles that you start manifesting in your life. What you focus on expands. The more you reinforce that good stuff is coming to you, the more good stuff will come.

Way 10: Get clarity on what you want and desire

Get clear on what you want to create and experience in  your life and put it on paper. Have a big goals list and a small goal list and manage your energy to make it all happens without burning yourself out by living in tune with the moon’s supporting energies. List all the steps that you think need to happen to make your vision a reality and then let go of any and all negative feeling like fear, resistance or disbelief about taking the steps and then implement what you need to do from a place of inspired action. Create a vision board.

Way 11: Hone your focus

Focus on what you want, not on what you don’t. Learn to master your mind, don’t let it master you. Focus the solution and take steps toward it. Living the aforementioned ways will help you to keep your mind off thoughts of lack, and instead on creating abundance in this moment. Notice what you are focusing on when you feel bad –  and drop that perspective. Welcome all feelings and then give them permission to stay or leave and just love yourself in spite of them. Turn your focus and action to something on this list and you’ll start focusing in a positive direction again. You may also want to change up your environment by going somewhere you’ve never been, talk to a stranger or call up a friend to keep your mind off negative thought loops.

Way 12: Savour and consume what you already have

Read those unfinished books, actually do the exercises that were instructed of you in those courses you’ve left collecting dust on the shelf, take the supplements you keep buying and never seem to remember to take! Make use of all your current resources and more will come to you!

Way 13 : Artfully express yourself!

Write a story/blog post/a poem or a song, sing, draw, paint, cook, sew, plant a garden, whatever turns your crank, just make something even if you don’t yet feel like it. Just make yourself get started, you’ll find your groove and feel great after!

Way 14 :  Create experiences and make memories for yourself and others

Make a meal for friends, have a potluck, serve biscuits and tea, pack a picnic, go skating (bring homemade hot chocolate and cookies)! Surprise someone with something…. a party, an outing, a trip, a concert….. whatever……just make a memory!!

Way 15: Make yourself responsible to be the cause for someone else’s happiness

We live in a world that tells us that we are responsible for our own happiness and that’s half true. This entire list is full of ways to be responsible for your own happiness, but the more complete truth is that we are fulfilled in relationship to others – it’s part of the human experience. Notice what you can bring to the people you love to serve up some ‘happy’ for them!  Ask yourself, “what does (insert name of your loved one) need or want right now that would make them soooo pleasantly suprised?” Go and be cause in making it happen for them! Omigod, will you feel amazing when you get to bare witness and share in their happiness and pleasure!

Practice these ways now….. and now….. and now….. and for a lifetime – and you’ll discover that you can feel and be abundant no matter what’s in your bank account. The more you expand that feeling into longer and longer chunks of time, the happier you will become and the more abundance will come to you – on all levels.

BONUS WAY: Downsize. Maybe a tiny house? Get a roommate. Rent out a room in your house on Air B & B. House sit. Sell your stuff. Join an intentional community. Sometimes we just have more than we need. The mental and emotional costs of having too much and being responsible for making the payments on it – all by our lonesome, is just not worth the stress.

Now that I’ve shown you mine, show me yours! What’s your favourite ‘WAY’ to cultivate feeling abundant?

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